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  1. While people say you can replay the mini-game by hitting the B button on the dance floor, this never worked for me, in either mode. I had to quit and restart the entire level. Fortunately it only took me a few tries. Just be sure you wait until the button is fully inside the circle before you press it. There is no rush and the 'Awesome' window is quite large. Definitely the most annoying achievements in the game if you ask me...
  2. OK, so I broke down and bought the DLC. Boosted things quite quickly. Still a ways to go but making progress again.
  3. Yes I'm beginning to realize that probably is the best way to go. I've also picked up some other tips such as, run 2 Wing Divers split screen. This way, you get 2x the armor.
  4. My main characters, Ranger and Wing Diver, both have a pretty complete set of weapons up to level 50. Ranger has 2400 armor and Wing Diver has 1900. I find myself sort of stuck. I can't find a good level on Hardest or Inferno to farm level 60-70 weapons because I don't have the higher powered weapons. Am I really relegated to slowly grinding armor? And if so, what values should I be aiming for in order to survive Hardest with my piddly peashooters? I haven't used the Air Raider or Fencer much at all. The Air Raider can't really go solo very easily , and the Fencer is just far too slow for my tastes. I also don't like how most of his weapons have a ridiculous kickback and/or spin-up time.
  5. To answer myself, only the character that picks up the weapon crate gets a weapon. So this means if you want to boost a specific character's weapons, that character will have to pick them up.
  6. Ah....so only the character who picks up the weapon gets the weapon.... I thought both characters would get a weapon. Would make farming a lot easier if that were true ;-)
  7. So, I've read here about using split screen to help yourself through certain levels, or at least, build up your other classes. However I'm not quite sure how this works and I'm hoping you can help fill in the blanks. What I know: --------------- ONLY Controller 1 gets credit for achievements. So if you want to get the 3 co-op healing achievements, do them as Controller 1. Both characters get credit for Armor boxes. For this reason alone it makes sense to always take a 2nd character just so he can build up his armor while Controller 1 does all the heavy lifting. Both characters get credit for completing the mission -- but Controller 1 needs to load the other character for the mission credit to show up (and to pop achievements.) What I'm not sure about: ---------------------------- If the mission finishes with 1 character still dead, he still gets the armor...but no weapons? Not sure if the dead guy gets credit for the mission either (Haven't checked to be sure.) If a character picks up a weapon box, do both characters get a weapon? This doesn't seem to be my experience. In fact, it seems only the character that picks up a weapon gets it - the other guy is out of luck. This has led to me using one powerful character to clear out a wave, then have controller 2 come in and pick up all the weapons.
  8. Yes I understand that. But that wasn't quite what I was asking. According to the other guides I've read for this game, each mission at a particular difficulty, has a chance of dropping weapons for range of weapon levels. For instance, one of the missions on Normal has a weapon level range of 6-20. This means if you pick up weapons on this level, they should be between weapon levels 6 to 20. My first question is: Are weapons in that range equally likely to drop? In other words, are the chances of getting a weapon with level 6 the same as getting a weapon with level 20? The answer, if I understood, is No. You are less likely to get weapons from the higher end of the range. In addition this guide shows that many missions share the same weapon level range. This brings up my second question. For a sequence of missions that share the same weapon level range, are you more likely to get weapons from the higher end of the range on the higher numbered mission? Example: Missions 4, 5, 6 on Hard all have the same weapon level range of 6-20. Are your chances of getting a level 20 weapon better on Mission 6 than Mission 4? I would think it would be but am not sure.
  9. So, I found a Excel spreadsheet posted on Gamefaqs of the weapons, along with a chart showing approximately what weapon levels you can expect from which missions. Ok, I understand that. My questions, however are these: 1: Why does the chart show Inferno dropping weapons up to level 100 when the highest level weapon in the game seems to be in the high-80s? Was this for future DLCs or is there a specific benefit replaying Mission 85 on Inferno to complete your weapon collections? 2: Are the weapon drops completely randomized within their range or do you tend to get higher-level weapons if you play later missions? Example: You're playing a mission that has a range of 0-50. Does this mean you have an equal chance of getting a weapon from level 0 through 50 or does the chance of getting a higher leveled weapon improve as you play a later mission?
  10. The dragons seem to pick a target and then pile on top of the hapless person. If this happens to be you, well, that hurts. If it happens to be a fellow EDF NPC, lob explosives freely in that direction. I also wonder if the Ranger's decoy gun might work?
  11. Ah, this helped a lot. I bought a new shotgun and tried again. Using this tip I got the Thresher stuck on the platform next to one of the buildings near the back. This way I could duck behind the building and recharge, then go around the corner where the Thresher would pop up so I could shoot it a little. Rinse & Repeat. Cheesy but effective.
  12. Yeah, it's the one that swallowed the beacon. If there weren't the loaders teleporting in, or if the loaders and thresher would fight each other, this might be doable. But no. Everything turns around and goes straight after me. I read other hints on the internet but they didn't work. There is no cover because the thresher would always popup underfoot and I'd be dead. I also can't retreat because the darn thing will follow me no matter how far I run. Then I'd respawn right there and be killed again. And again. And again. I had to dashboard-quit to break the cycle, which put me back at the beginning of that level (before you have to cross the canal) and minus the $10k I'd lost from constantly dying over and over again. I went around killing stalkers in that area and the Highlands. That got me to 21, and built up some cash. Now all I have to do is hope some good weapons spawn in the vending machine because I'm not getting good drops.
  13. So I just encountered the Gluttonous Thresher. What the heck!? The thing pops up, and down goes my shield in one hit and then down I go My shield is over 800 and my health is over 1000. I'm a lvl 20 Siren, but being my first character, I didn't spend my skill points well (they're scattered, not focused). I can't get back to Sanctuary to respec, not that I can afford it anymore now that I've died so many times. Maybe there are some more sidequests I could have done before Sanctuary flew off, but now I'm stuck. I can barely knock down its shields before it goes back underground, only to popup completely healthy (or are there more than 1 of these things?) I can't outrun it either. It always popups up on top of me, hence the 1-hit-kill. I thought my weapons were OK...but apparently I was sadly mistaken. Oh and then there are endless Loaders to deal with too. Wow. **** you 2k. What's with the sucker-punch jump in difficulty? I'm almost tempted to trash this character and start all over.
  14. It's possible he saw some, but didn't click the [x] button to actually "see" it. At least that's what happened to me. No worries though, you can always fast-travel back to areas and find them later.
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