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  1. Looking to boost Bullet Dodger. Just need 1 more person. If interested message me here or on XBL Gamertag: ChasIII
  2. Need this achievement also. Gamertag is ChasIII. Be glad to help
  3. There's a red brick for unlimited light which I believe you have to buy but don't have to find.
  4. Looking for help with this viral ach. Please message me if willing to help. Gamertag=ChasIII Thanks
  5. Anyone still play this that could help with the 3 player achievement. Thanks GT=ChasIII
  6. Looking to do the multiplayer achievements in US version. Anyone interested message me. GT=ChasIII Thanks
  7. Looking to get online and win achievements. GT=ChasIII Thanks
  8. Looking for help with achievements. Gamertag: ChasIII
  9. Anyone looking to get the 4 player win achievement message me GamerTag: ChasIII
  10. I had to restart the level and turn cheats off then it worked...so if above doesn't work try turning off cheats.
  11. Looking to get the MP achievements. Send a FR if interested. GT: ChasIII
  12. Looking to boost online achievements. Send a FR if interested. EDIT: got em
  13. Looking for help with all the online achievements... More than happy to return the favor at the same time... Thanks in advance... Gamertag: ChasIII Send me a FR if interested
  14. I need the achievements for Fusion Frenzy 2 as well, want to help each other out?

  15. Looking to trade collectibles with anyone. Thanx in advance. GT: ChasIII
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