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  1. Oh, yeah, that was an issue for me that would be explained by the inventory thing. My last two collectibles never added (both unmissable story ones) but after that I tried to buy the last two body and boots parts I hadn't yet bought and it took my money but the merchant still had them in stock and I couldn't craft them. Would be a nice bonus if that had resolved itself too.
  2. I'd probably go on the lower end of 5/6. The exploration of the new area is good and the park is a fun setting but the actual story and execution is a total disaster. So the entirety of my score is based on the new environment and exploring that because the story is that bad that it torpedoes the rest of it. It forces you into being on the bad side of things if you actually want to play the story, this spreads into the Commonwealth and can screw your other stuff up that you worked the whole game for and ultimately it boils down do another boring choice between a handful of factions that you've not spent a great deal of time with so how can you possibly really give a shit about them? It's horribly designed and Bethesda should be absolutely fucking ashamed of themselves not only of this piss poor DLC story but how the main story and Far Harbour boiled down to the same 'pick a side' nonsense and further to that that all the DLC for Fallout 4, y'know the DLC that there was so much of that raising the price of the season pass was a good idea for them, amounted to 2 main DLCs which were fun in some ways and abysmal in others, a side quest to chase some vigilante arsehole through a factory, a short excursion to a new vault and a bunch of bloody workshop crap. Normally I wouldn't say it since the reviews used to be/are fairly fair but this review is genuinely terrible. I just reread it and it's in now way in-depth enough to count as a review. Seriously, go back and read it, it sounds like a review paid for by Bethesda, it's basically an expanded blurb off of a store page trying to sell the game and it doesn't at all mention the negative aspects of the game forcing you to play as bad if you want to play the story, having faction stuff again (at this point it's like Bethesda can't think of anything to do but make you choose sides with people that you've only just met). EDIT: Okay, so I spoke way too soon. SLIGHT SPOILERS BELOW I've now fully finished the story and I'm dropping my score to 4/5 due to a problem I can sum up in three words, forced settlement bullshit. (In the Home Sweet Home mission.) Then add a totally anti-climactic ending and -boom- an even lower person score. Well done Bethesda, way to end FO4 on a pathetic, miserable fucking whimper - some shitty identical little red firework explosions followed by, 'Oh, well done - now go an do more shitty errands for the gang leaders despite you being the overboss.'
  3. Yeah, I realised they were doing it in waves too so I was just being patient but it's the 8th now and I've still not heard anything, would be so much easier if there was even some kind of confirmation along the lines of, 'Hey, you've played, you will get the games but we'll be sending out in waves Xth November to Xth December!'. Might give MS support a message later to see if it is a problem or not.
  4. I've still not received anything either. Is it maybe a UK thing? Just as I'm noticing there seems to be a bit of a trend (at least in this thread) that folk in the UK don't have it. I've got them on disc too but it'd be so much easier to just get them digitally rather than dig through all my disc games to find them all.
  5. Seriously disappointed that there's no local co-op in this. I'm the only one of my friends that I play with to have an X1 so I guess it'll be an entirely solo game for me, at least there doesn't seem to be any strictly co-op achievements. Ah, well, still looks like a great game and I can't wait to play it, never did get round to it on PC.
  6. Hey, is there any chance I could get an invite please? It would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Heh, I think the only places I actually buy games in-person now are supermarkets and that's usually just impulse buys if they have something cheap. Amazon has been really good for preorders over the past while, ended up I only ever really buy things from Game if it's a really good sale or if it's Game-exclusive. As for what I'm grinding - Saints Row IV: Fourth and Forty. It's bollocks. I don't know if my game's glitched on me or not but it's only counting time played when I'm connected to Live so even though I've left it on all day, my internet's been crap today and so whilst my save shows at close to 46 hours played, my stats only say I've played about 35.
  8. I don't know if it's worth putting in or not, maybe my game's just screwed but I've been leaving my console on for Fourth and Forty and I'm up to about 45.5 hours with no achievements and I just noticed there that for some reason, in the stats screen it's only been counting my time played when I've been connected to Live, meaning my save says I've played 46 hours but the stats show me as only having played 35 hours. (My internet's been awful today but I thought nothing of it until I seen that.)
  9. Except if you actually bother thinking about it beyond this old painfully dull argument that's thrown out for apparently no reason other than to try and make yourself sound better than other people without any consideration of the specific achievements being discussed of, 'Oh, but achievements are called achievements because you're supposed to achieve them!' You realise that for some achievements that means nothing. Sure, I get and agree with the point when an achievement is difficult, take an equally old example of a tough achievement, Mile High Club - That was tough but it was always fair and so sure, no problem with that line when applied there in my opinion. However what's being discussed above is luck, there's no possible way you can rationalise how the same argument can be applied to something that is dictated to such a large degree by nothing more than a dice roll and how much time you're willing to waste until you get the right roll come up for you.
  10. As soon as I seen this that's exactly what I thought. I've still not went back to Dishonored after telling it to fuck off for being so inconsistent on one of the challenges where you had to get to the end killing everything yourself IIRC but they could spawn in different places each wave or it might even have been that different numbers of each enemy was random which meant by the time you even got close they had already killed each other and so effectively it all came down to luck. Pity to see that this is the first season pass DLC, I don't think I've ever seen a solo horde mode that wasn't tedious shite but I suppose that's the gamble with a season pass, nobody to blame but myself.
  11. Haha, I changed it back almost right away, was trying out the other, preferred the old one, changed back.

  12. Took your sig back? Good for you.

  13. I like the pizzas you get from Indian takeaways. They seem to have a bit of a more varied list of toppings, for example I've never seen Pizza Hut/Dominoes offer donner meat as a topping. Then the sauce is a bit different and the thickness of the base is nice. That's not even mentioning the price difference; for roughly a tenner you can get a 16" with loads of toppings that will do dinner for two nights whereas going to say Pizza Hut, with no deals it costs about the same for a 'large' plain cheese with a regular base. (Large for them being a bit smaller than at an Indian.) Also how can I not mention chip shop pizzas? Never mind just a deep fried pizza but you can also get it covered in batter and deep fried - It's lovely despite how it sounds. Plus make it a supper, you get chips and a complementary heart attack with it. Heh, they're only small pizzas but I doubt you'd ever need a large sized or even medium sized one.
  14. Haha, don't worry about it and you certainly don't have to explain yourself to me I'm sure you remember how I used to post sometimes when I let stuff get the better of me.


    I'm glad you don't seem to have taken offence to it, that definitely wasn't my intention as like I touched on, I don't have anything against you and normally you bring up interesting points and have well thought out posts.

  15. Sorry bout my posts in that section of the forum, I think I've just let my aggravation get the better of me and perhaps make not the best replies to people there because of it :D

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