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  1. The only way to "earn" them is if you bought the collector's edition, since it gives you some with it. Otherwise it's just MS points.
  2. Is it me or do you not have the option to install to HD? Because it won't let me even choose to do so.
  3. Yeah only 34 there. I have this problem where I thought I drove all the cars, but no achievement popped. The game said I had driven 34/35 cars. I counted all the cars from the list in the game and there was only 34 on there. So I am guessing there is another car to unlock after you complete all the races? Edit: I just finished all the world tour events and it unlocked the last car in the game.
  4. Just did this last night on my second try. I stayed in second the whole race until the last lap and just gunned it the rest of the way using boost on the straights. Wasn't to hard, just keep trying!
  5. I'm having the same problem, can't play any SO maps!
  6. I played it three times so far today and it still freezes! I have uninstalled the game from the hard drive, played in free roam, turned subtitles off and on and turned off motion blur. Still no dice!
  7. The same thing has been happening to me too. I can't figure out how to get access. Ok finally got it, but it shows my percent complete at 168% even though I completed the game with 64 cubes.
  8. Fletch

    Owl Statue?

    Thanks that input worked!
  9. When was the update because I just did it two days ago and I haven't had to update the game since I got it.
  10. In chapter 13, the prison section, one of the clues is to talk to the tourist in the cell, but in my game he is not showing up in the cell the video guides have been showing. Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. I shot the gas tank first then started to kill the guys from right to left.
  12. Where do you see this? On the website it says $19.99.
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