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  1. Great job on the guide man. glad they made some DLC for this game, it was nice lil' experience. Good way to cleanse your palate between big games.
  2. The CPU is easily cheesed with her jump and crouching strong kicks. For your first opponent select Bob Wilson. You should be able to get at least one perfect on him without much effort. Picking Bob first will make you fight Franco Bashu 2nd and he is also pretty easy to perfect with Mai. The Hi-Score and Caravan modes do not need many points to get all the achievements. You should knock all of them out during the Franco fight or after it when all your bonus points are tallied. You'll fight Blue Mary 3rd, if needed, and she is not too bad either. Joe will be 4th and like most Fatal Fury games, he can be bad news. Some of his attacks have weird I-frames after he does them. Original Mode does require a pretty high score (600,000) to get all the achievements. You need lots of double perfects to get that many points. You can always use the save function as much as you need to.
  3. thanks for the great guide! Did anyone else have trouble with Sheriff unlocking in the bonus episode? I think it's supposed to pop when you scare the dragon out of the sprite's home but no joy on my side. I've tried it twice.
  4. Great guide man. This game is totally worth the price of admission as there are so few quality platformers these days. It also has a pretty neat gimmick that manages to not get annoying.
  5. Great guide man. I would recommend everyone watching the glitch exploit video before they crank this game up to save them a bunch of grinding.
  6. Found it right after I posted this, sorry. Apparently this drawing was moved in the console versions. The drawing that was hidden between a book in the dining room has been moved to being behind the chair near the fire place in the living room.
  7. After finding 6 drawings I could not find the 7th and had to resort to a walkthrough. The drawing is not where the walkthrough said it would be. I don't know if the hiding places have changed from the PC version or if this is a glitch? I have written Red Thread and am awaiting a response from them.
  8. Great guide man. I would say it's not a 5 for being hard, just a 5 for the time you have to sink in to get 99 PB jars.
  9. Great guide man, thank you! A very easy 1,000 and the price is right too. The physics felt a bit odd to me, not as tight as Buster Bros, and the power-up system is needlessly wonky. Still a very good purchase for achievement enthusiasts.
  10. Great guide man! An easy 1,000 Gamerscore. Would not recommend playing this just for fun though, the controls are a bit wonky and it could really use more polish. At least the price is right.
  11. I have the same problem. I've been looking around on-line for new about a bug fix or work around but no joy so far. sorry man!
  12. Sorry extremely important team name update; Captain Phantom J Siren and his Fabulous Achievement Ace Roller Avengers plus The Mighty Gwillstar Phantom Siren Gwillstar J Roller 1979 Ace Attorney 86 __________________ Much better!
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