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  1. That's why consoles shouldn't be used as fucking web browsers. You can install ad blockers on PC.
  2. I don't see Lost Planet here. TA has two versions of it listed. Extreme Condition and Colonies Edition.
  3. Well, that's a deal breaker. I almost thought about getting it. It's really crazy if the achievements are permanently disabled on the save. All you had to do on GTA4 was reload your game, if I remember right. That made things like giving yourself all weapons and max ammo worthwhile cause you could save the effect, reload, and continue earning cheevos.
  4. I think the guide should include a list of which DLC has achievements. I need to know what the hell tables/packs to get when the time comes.
  5. This doesn't seem like a new problem either, especially where CoD is concerned. When they shutdown their stupid Elite service on the 360 games, all the DLC maps on MW3 (and possibly other titles) were broken for weeks. It was impossible to download the maps even if you bought them through the dashboard itself because the marketplace on the dashboard only gives you a bullshit little license file instead of the actual maps. Why are Activision and other devs wasting time and resources coding these bullshit in-game marketplaces instead of making DLC packs work the way every other game does? Those people could've been making more maps, extending the campaign a little, or at least bug testing the piece of shit! I don't need every game to code a marketplace hub on the disc. I know where the fucking marketplace is! If I want your bullshit DLC, I'll go to the dashboard and buy it. What I don't want is to be forced to have the game running to download all this shit because they have their heads so far up Microsoft's ass that they get to setup all their DLC backwards and end up breaking half of it later.
  6. I picked up the stupid camera for $5, but the game refuses to generate my face properly no matter how I set the stupid goddamn markers on my picture! edit: finally worked.
  7. Look closer. I've had it since last August. I bought the damn thing for Halo MCC, which was completely broken and still is. I also tried Warframe. That wasn't bad.
  8. I own one, and I absolutely hate the motherfucker. I expect to experience the PS4 for myself in another week here once I get EDF 4.1 from Japan as well. I believe I already mentioned, I run 3 screens, so I'm always checking my email/forums/whatever. If I see something new, I pause and deal with it. I love 360, and I hate where MS has gone. I have a collection of over 600 retail 360 games. I think I have a right to bitch. p.s. Fuck Cena. Stone Cold will always be the best.
  9. If you love the goddamn thing so much, why don't you spend more time playing it and less time defending it here? Oh, you're probably waiting for installs or updates, so you need a way to pass the time.
  10. It shouldn't require fixing in the first fucking place, especially a year and a half after launch.
  11. Interesting. Ok. I'll also have to determine if I ever want to pickup extra figures or if having the starter pack from all 4 games will be sufficient since the characters all seem to work on all games. I'm hoping maxing them all out will actually make a difference playing on Nightmare. I got the dark starter pack for Swap Force. Not sure if I should care about the regular/light starter pack ones or not either. I know the more figures you have the better, but there's still like 30 OOP 360 games I'm trying to get my hands on before the prices skyrocket too much.
  12. It seems as though ranking up is helpful. I'm curious if anyone's looked for a good spot to power level or how exactly that works. I'm also curious as to what this "portal level" business is that I saw mentioned. One other question: Are the levels stored on the figured completely independent of your gamertag? Like I could grind them all up on one tag then speed run the game on another one with maxed stats? I think the bullshit of everyone explaining everything is going to drive me nuts when I finally get around to playing these, but the gameplay itself seems fun. I'm asking these random questions because I'm preparing for GTASC next year.
  13. I never said I would get a steam machine. I just hope Steam machines--and more importantly SteamOS--does well. I build my own machines, and I do have them hooked to my TV. I do everything on a triple screen setup (28", 40", 24"). I used to run firefight on Reach with two consoles and still check my email, Waypoint stats, etc all at the same time. My gaming rig could use an upgrade if I actually get back into PC gaming, but it still handles most things. I put an 8 core chip in my linux box with 32GB RAM last year, which is another reason I want to see Valve succeed in pulling more games toward Steam. I hate every Windows since XP, and I hate the heavy reliance on DirectX. Games using OpenGL work on both Windows and linux. Not to mention the shit they pulled starting with Halo 2 in trying to make games "Vista only" because of newer DirectX versions. Hackers fixed that problem on Halo 2 though. One of the biggest issues I see with PC gaming lately though is constant issues with the bullshit bloated video drivers and companies only optimizing games for one brand of card or the other...or not optimizing at all, from what I read about DR3. It's bullshit.
  14. That's why I'm hoping Valve's "steam machines" end up taking off. Hopefully they'll be more versatile and make more people question MS's bullshit. They still haven't unlocked 360 to use USB devices bigger than 32GB. It's fuckin stupid. Depends on if you're referring to current standards or the shit SATA2 adapter inside XB1s. I don't remember exact specs, but SATA3 is likely equal or faster than USB3.0, and USB devices take extra processing overhead that native SATA connections don't.
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