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  1. Small step if mission 4 is appearing for you. I played the game up to mission 10 and they all appear under campaign select now. EA Access deletion could be coincidence with the patch but worth trying.
  2. Gonna try and uninstall Battlefront II and EA Access tonight... than reinstall Battlefront II first to see if that gets around it. Update: Deleting EA Access allowed me to see the 4th mission. After beating it, I could play the 5th and so on. Can anyone confirm it wasn't the patch that allowed these missions to be viewable?
  3. After a few more games, I saw that it's easier than my initial run. I find 'defend the garage' is what causes most of my losses. If I can avoid that round, it's fairly easy.
  4. Firefight is a lot of fun but it can be really difficult. This isn't Halo Reach fire fight that you win everytime. Full of bullet sponge enemies and one hit kills, it's hard to reach the final wave let alone win.
  5. Only issue so far is some bugs in the game that carried over from the Beta. I picked up a Hostage key but the door remained locked. There were 2 Hostage Encounters close to each other and both had buggy hostage keys. After signing out/signing in again, the problem was fixed. Must be a server side issue. Doing the mission twice and getting the XP both times wasn't too bad. I'm concerned that will happen in a longer mission and restarting will be required.
  6. When you jump into a match and everyone on the otherside is using a DL-44. Just fuck right off with that shit
  7. Played 2 BTB maps and was pretty disappointed. Maps sucked and my team kept qutting. Final straw really. Peace Halo... you were okay at times.
  8. "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." Game of Thrones quote that couldnt hold truer than this story.
  9. Seriously, fuck Warzone. Just gonna stick to Swat. I miss BTB!
  10. I'm running across a lot of quitting in Matchmaking. Warzone seems to be alright with the larger teams. It's hard to notice or break the game when someone leaves in big games but 4v4 is really noticeable. Game modes like Breakout come down to players sticking through the whole game, even if they're gonna lose.
  11. Great guide! Been very helpful so far.
  12. I've never played a game that's so buggy that when I pause, I can't resume. A combination of Xbox One's terrible interface and a (still) broken game. I want to love this game but 343 has made that very hard
  13. I got mine via vertical surfaces but maybe that was luck. Regardless, Team Deathmatch is the way to go. Just keep them hidden whatever you do.
  14. - Team Deathmatch beside the spawns (aka wherever you spawn, put a camera close by). - Make sure the camera is facing the right way. It sometimes points backwards making it useless. - Hide them too. A lot of people will destroy them but if you put them on lightpoles, under cars, etc, they'll last an entire round.
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