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  1. thanx to ZeoSephiroth & East1999Eternal for showing up and help me get the achievement
  2. 1 - WKFJonesy 2 - ZeoSephiroth 3 - East1999Eternal 4 - fuzzyjw510 5 - balb999 6 - slot taken (ask balb999) 7 - slot taken (ask balb999) 8 - If you want the achievement ' First of Many ' quote the numbers list including your own name.
  3. hey guys and easy way for me was using ALISA ive beaten nancy with alisa 5 times alrady and the best part is NO SIDE STEP like the video shows just get alisa and as soon as the match starst just do ( forward forward b ) thats it just keep doing it untill she dies ull come close to dying but wont hopefully u dont well good luck and i hope this help !!!!!
  4. i was having the same problem but heres the thing go into tuning and reset the setting then on downforce put it all the way to the right on GRIP and u will be set
  5. if you dont care about winning the race just let everyone go first and then just follow em thats what i did you dont have to win the race in order to get the star and stay in the track if you feel the controller vibrate you probably when off the road a little and its ok to hit the things (i dont know the name of it sorry) on the corners if it has it
  6. am i teh only one having trouble with that ? cause ive try like 4 different cars and change the tunning mechanism also disable the traction control and braking and all that stuff but i just cant seem to get that one star also the spin out 4 cars someone please post a vid or something if you have done this please reply with how you did it post a good car and how to do it too either reply to me or that one guy that posted the spin out post thanks
  7. hey if you dont mind sending me one i look for your gamertag but u havent post it so can you send it to me thanks my gamertag is balb999
  8. what about bogey and double bogey and i guess if it says pair +07 or 11 i really need to do better (alot) correct ? and thanks
  9. i need help understanding what eagle and birdie mean in the game so if anyone can help me please list all the names and meaning thank you
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