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  1. Bleeap is my gamer tag. Getting back into the game.
  2. An Intricate Tale 30 Completed all of the stages in Story Mode. Complete all stages in Story mode for Shu, Wei, Wu, Jin, and Other. Also need to do at least one tutorial.. thats when it popped for me. On the same save.. I found out on the hard way.
  3. Yea a friend of mine just got the normal which is $39.99 nothing. Steel Box $69.99, didn't think I it, but it was was behind everything which is weird.
  4. Far as i can tell. Only missing one and its the collectibles. Still fun DLC.
  5. DLC is short, but very enjoyable!!!!!! All the achievements are campaign, all story related. But the secret achievement explains its self. lol
  6. does anyone want to do quest?? or level boost me?? or switch level boosting each other characters?? G/T is Bleeap. Server is Marathon
  7. Where do I buy all the dlc for the achievements??
  8. Anyone got anymore more info for glass cannon?? its all i need, and not popping.
  9. For the Drop Kick, its B then X. Not A.
  10. lol no, even worse, strategy guide for the game lol
  11. if u really have 255,740 u should have been a level 30... so maybe they did put out a patch for it...
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