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  1. if any of you want it and cannot get it I am willing to sell it on ebay. its a quick 1000 points as everyone says. i paid $10 thats it
  2. man i cant get past this stupid level, i am at the grappelling hook point but i cant get a hold of the rock pls help
  3. thanks a lot figured it out, now im stuck on realm of the stinkers. not a bad game kind of boring, but i want to get through it LOL
  4. does anyone know where the 3rd chicken is to get past the gate ? I have been stuck for hours
  5. frankburns

    any help

    im trying to get perfect on the mission after the boot camp and I am stuck on the last level trying to get perfect, I keep trying to get all the greens then for some stupid reason the tail goes white so I missed something. any hints what I am doing wrong. thanks
  6. cant thank you enough wouldnt have gotten it without it
  7. does anyone know how many bloody stages it takes to unlock the Timeless Unlock Badge I have been at for it seems like an eternity but no badge
  8. im online if anyone wants to work on vetran special ops gt=frankburns4077
  9. Hi, i'm looking for a partner in order to do spec ops missions on veteran, i need to do pretty much everything. Gamertag: frankburns4077
  10. thanks these videos helped immensely
  11. does anyone have any advice for this stupid level. I have watched the youtube video but it never reaches the top ice that blocks the exit
  12. oh thank you so much for this, what a great help appreciate it
  13. does anyone have a trick to this annoying level set 4 level 18? My best time is 1:04 and thats as quick as I can do it. I have watched the youtube video but I just seem a day late and a buck short any help would be appreciated thank you
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