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  1. To be honest, play it on PC if you can or pick up the XB1 console version if you REALLY want to play it. I have it on PC and got it on 360 for achievements because i loved the PC version, really wish i didn't the graphics were disappointing and its too fast paced of a game to play with a controller (for me) they also changed alot of the game mechanics revolving getting in the titan and ejecting from the titan. Its much better on the other 2 consoles
  2. Playing it again in story worked! thanks alot
  3. Thank you for the response I assumed they were all unlocked with story progression which is why i was stumped as to why they didn't unlock. i will try replaying that level again in both story and freeplay and post back. I hope they do because i don't wan't to have to give up another 1000 gamerscore (i won't be able to get atleast 3 achievements if they don't unlock)
  4. if nobody has a solution can someone please tell me atleast which 2 i am missing?
  5. glad you figured it out i was about to say it doesn't always unlock while using dynomite, to be sure to unlock it use a character that "starts" a fire not just uses an explosive. like lady liberty's torch. this should work for anyone else with this problem
  6. I have finished the game and bought all characters except for 2. these 2 still have the locks over their faces. the two characters are the one to the right of "hot tub harry" and the one to the right of "Robo Cowboy". I also have not unlocked the Including, But not limited to achievement, which leads me to believe one of the two are also master builders? Anyway did i do something wrong or is there a special way to unlock these two or is it just glitched and im out of luck?
  7. so i just started and so far i have unlocked 4 achievements on the PC. When i went over on my xbox it said i only had 2 achievements unlocked. went back on the PC to check it said 4 and showed 60 gamerscore for Dark Souls, but when i open it only 2 are shown at 15 gamerscore each...which ads to 30 so what gives? anybody else having these issues?
  8. This worked for me. Thanks! 1000/1000 in less than 1 hour just go to the start of the rap part and it will most likely register as a lie (only registered as a truth once for me)
  9. I am thinking about getting this game from gamefly for the 1000 send me a message if when i get it (soon 3-5 days or so) if you are interested in helping me with the online achievements. Thank you. GT:xXAKill3rTacoXx
  10. I need Rank 1 and Ten Ranked Matches GT: xXAKill3rTacoXx Timezone: US Pacific
  11. I need help with getting : 500 ranked online wins 100 ranked online wins (i have everything else the achievement requires just not the wins) and 2000 note streak in co-op i play on expert and i have all achievements except for these 3 and the co-op achievements we will be boosting by playing battle and having the loser strum out every time to save some time. i am also willing to help anyone with any online achievements they need GT:xXAKill3rTacoXx
  12. add your gt and time zone to my full boat thread we have 2 people so far we need more!
  13. i need 3 and 5 star threat boosting partners. also if you are interested then check out my full boat thread and put your name on the list. GT:xXAKill3rTacoXx
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