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  1. It's been almost six months but with the patch a few days ago, matchmaking now works. Although it seems like most people have moved on, people are joining my games consistently now. It also works in Borderlands 2.
  2. While his original post was a bit of a rant, your response was just as disappointing. As for a solution, you sound like tech support. Try powering everything off then turning it back on. Did it work? Oh.
  3. I misspoke as I was in a bit of a rush. I play splitscreen all the time and it can be a reason I pick up a game. I meant I wondered how much of the graphical fidelity could be achieved in some of Halo's cinematic moments in couch coop. Borderlands 2 and pre-sequel for example run rather terribly with 4 player splitscreen (but that could largely be in part because of terrible programming).
  4. I've beat the game on legendary solo and while your AI buddies are stupid, they serve as great distractions. Direct them somewhere and they'll pull most of the enemies toward them. If you also direct them to attack someone/something, they'll most likely kill the target.
  5. I was also very disappointed with the lack of splitscreen. Coop campaign and four people on the same box online had become a staple on my xbox. It's a growing trend that has become the norm. Although I will say, Halo has never looked better and I'm not sure they could have achieved some of the campaign moments in splitscreen.
  6. I beat it again, the third time, and got the achievement. 1 of us died, 2 didn't make it to evac, and I was in the evac zone. Not really sure.
  7. I have beaten crazy twice, once with me using a revive with 5 secs left, and once with 3 of us alive and a fourth being revived. Both times we got a fail and no achievement. Guess it's kind of glitchy.
  8. When you're behind a wall, the radar isn't lit up. So by using the wall or walking past it, you can tell as soon as the radar says you are visible. As you are never perfectly aligned, it is easy to tell which one is your target. For example, there are 5 lookalikes in front of you. You can use the wall to separate them. By walking a little past the wall, you can eliminate lookalikes until the radar lights up.
  9. There are a few ways to pick someone out without using abilities. The first way is understanding the radar. It's tilted a little off your target from afar so you can make an educated guess, narrowing your odds or completely revealing your target. The other way is using a wall. It glows when you are visible to your target. This makes it practically impossible to pick the wrong target.
  10. I made rank 9 just before the patch without playing the game too much. Before the patch the highest rank was around 15-16. It was much harder to rank up before. I played about 10 matches after the patch and ranks 15-25 are all pretty terrible. Most of them before, from what I could tell, were rank 5-10s beforehand. Above rank 25s are usually quite good players or ragequitters. In terms of Sadira, use her double jump. It's the most ridiculous mixup in the world. Her defensive game is terrible. Recluse (spelling?) is a terrible anti air against people who aren't predictable. In terms of the new character Sabrewulf. Good ones are ridiculous, but most spam the running special move. They are easy to read, and if blocked, is a free punish. Most people have relatively easy patterns as well. It's the people that go back and forth that you have to worry about. Learn to read autos is all I can say. Next to nobody uses manuals (usually Jagos before he has some leniency). You will combo breaker all day. In terms of lag, i live in Canada so I haven't had much of a problem. But I can see even the smallest amount screwing anyone up.
  11. I didn't even think of that, but in terms of rank matches. It counts towards a win as I got all of the achievements at 20. I'm not sure if they quit on you on your 20th win however. Probably not.
  12. I'm pretty sure ppl already know, but if you Ultra, even if they RQ, you get the win.
  13. I'm just curious, which Mortal Kombat had 24 hour mastery achievements?
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