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    Looking For a Nice Paying Job.
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  1. i dont know if any one else has/ is having this problem but it happens every few games were i have a playable card and auto it draws a card from me. in not like i havent called uno or a draw 2 or darw 4. Any one have any idea what is going on? is the any email to contact gameloft?
  2. Looking for someone to do 100 online matches with. 50 wins in a row with my CAC belt and 50 wins in a row with your CAC belt. Gamertag: JandJRacing1948 Will edit when complete.
  3. Im up for some boosting. on most nights hit me up all. GT: jandjracing1948
  4. Just need help with "Crime Spree" and "We Can Be Heros" Also I still need to finish: "I Am the Keymaster" "Flower Power" "Gnome Invasion" and "Brightwall Book Club". If anyone wants to just pal around and get these together is fine by me. My GT is JandJRacing1948. Send a message with fable 3 on xbox. Will help with any onlines you need. FYI I'm a male in game.
  5. I thought that at first, so i filed it down and made sure the was a bit of room between the button and the motherboard.
  6. I did find these difficult but not the hardest. Yes there were times I didn't think I could do it but they are done. I have so many more that I know if I try to even do them; My tv would have a controller shaped hole in it and I would be running around town killing babies while while wearing underwear over my pants and a belt on my head screaming I am Quailman. All because I have snaped and lost my mind.
  7. My 360 controller keeps randomly disconnecting. My other ones work fine just not this one. It seems to work fine if I take the top bar with the LB & RB buttons out. Does any one know how I can fix this?
  8. Great looking controllers y'all. I just finish mine. But it seems now that it randomly disconnects. I have narrowed it down to the LB & RB Bar. If I take it out it works fine. Any one run into this problem?
  9. Just double check all my races. Have all spark plugs and achievement still locked. List of races I have known to have plugs in them; Street Race 1, Chick Hicks Showdown, Sprint 1, Academy Challenge 1, Hudson Student Run, Smash Up 1, Road Race 1, Road Race 2, Academy Challenge 2, Candice's Glam Tour, Monster Truck Mayhem 2, Smash Up 2, Off Road Race, Off Road Race 2, Academy Challenge 3, Match Up, Monster Truck Mayhem 3, Road Race 3,Academy Challenge 4, Stinger's Stir Up, Bubba's Bucket Bash, Sprint 2, & Reunion Rundown If anyone can shed light on this it would be helpful.
  10. Looking to finish up 3 achievements (Mine!, Knockout King, Striker) Gt: jandjracing1948, willing to help anyone with anything.
  11. Looking to help anyone with the 3 online achievements(CC2 Community, Officially Licensed and Star Power). I'm looking to get done "Star Power". GT: jandjracing1948. On most days.
  12. "LWDS" (Please dont use) My Friends and i started to use the battle cry in MW2 a Quote from the movie "Step Brothers" Lick White Dog $hit. When we will win a game by 2000 or more like our usually 5000, some one will usually say we made them lick that white dog $hit. Or when someone ownes an enemy, like a damn camper. So LWDS Lick White Dog $hit.
  13. Just bought the remasted box set and have to say best buy yet. Sgt Pepper's Loney hearst culb band i have to say is my fav. By the way, why is no one on xbox named Sgt Pepper yet?
  14. Can u use the new character on the old challenges and adventure for achievements?
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