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  1. Is there any way to enable the use of the xbox gamepad to navigate the menus etc? It is really frustrating to try to navigate using your hands, the kinect really doesn't work that well for the purpose it is being used in this game. Any help on this issue would be highly appreaciated, I am sure that many other people who have tried this game would like to know the answer to this as well. Cheers!
  2. I am also looking for a good co-op partner to do the gold star achievements! feel free to add me..
  3. Hi, Feel free to add me in order to work on the friendly competition achievement as well
  4. Hi Have you tried adding her as a "family member" in settings? That way I believe you can share your xbox live subscription. I think I got it working like that with my gf. Hope it helps.
  5. Hey I Still Need To Do Slippery Pull Too I Have A Mic And 2 Controllers




  6. Oh, damned you guys did it without me I was away for the weekend. Well anyways, if anyone still is going for it send me a message...
  7. Ill be on XBL after the stanley cup finals...
  8. Im looking to get the "slippery pull" achievement on crash course. If someone knows how to force the local server before starting the game (that is needed for it to unlock) send me a message. I dont seem to get it working myself for some reason. If you are willing to help me with this one, I can help with some other achievements in return.
  9. Hey again guys - Yeah thanks to superchimp99, broncho musacha & the19mrhockey for getting that league thing. As we are still missing the party animal achievement, i'd appreciate if you would send me a message on XBL when were ready to do it. Or, alternatively, we could set up a specific time right now along with other gamers who want it, so everybody would be online at the same time and we could get it over with? The other achievements are pretty easy to do but I can help with those as well if we get this one out of the way.
  10. ok people, im still looking to get the party animal and league tournament achievements. we should really try to do this now, as they (EA) are probably going to shut down the servers for this game like they have done with all previous NHL games.. so if youre serious about doing this achievement send me a message GT: "alik mara" i can do it whenever needed.
  11. im also looking to boost all the online achievements, XP, head start, viruses, etc. go ahead and send me a message, im available to play almost whenever GT: "alik mara"
  12. looking to boost on the expert playtroughs hit me up my GT is "alik mara". we can do L4D2 as well. cheers.
  13. looking to boost all HUT achievements message me on xbl GT "alik mara" cheers.
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