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  1. thanx peeps but game now traded sorry. btw did try the posts thread but was getting robbed/cheated evrytime i gave up a magic armour item so got desperate and hoped someone else with same frustrations would see this
  2. i'll be on if you dont mind a higher level helping you get past probably just need to re-spec your character a little GT: Kirbalicious77
  3. hate to ask for such specific help but have tried to get this cheevo legit for ages and nobody i've met up with in over 2weeks will play fair with me. people just keep taking my armour pieces or help with storyquests and then disappear but refuse to help execute the move until after they get theirs and somehow forget:mad:. please help a frustrated old gamer Kirbalicious77 i'm a level 35+dwarf, will do (almostlol) anything in return if i can
  4. PLEASEPLEASE if anyone has heard of this problem and can fix it HELP US PLEASE. three of us living in same town (chatteris) and all using orange live-boxes are being blocked from gaming, partying or even chatting again (but not messaging?) and seems to be related to Gears3. The probs started when the Gears3 BETA released and fixed when the full game released but now since the DLC's we are again blocked from each other on all games and party options. We've deleted each other but nothing. Have complained to everyone and only advice was to change NAT settings on live-box but nothing has worked. xbox and game devs won't even offer any help:( we can chat thru some x360A users located in blackpool so is it geographic?? or should we dump the orange live-boxes?? actually considering PS3's atm so u know how pissed off we must be getting
  5. search me or Rickus31 tonight happy to give someone a boosting session as we need to finish the two multi-kill weapons anyway
  6. could please use a boosting buddy on this, will be on tonite after 9pm (UK)and tomorow mid afternoon onwards
  7. yeah, but cannot boost splitscreen with two gold accounts gotta have 2consoles or a buddy dont think i've got hundreds of hours for spamming weapon kills anyway
  8. *****AWESUM***** best game on 360 by far and best in genre since baldursgate luv it luv it anouther please NOW:rock
  9. just finished this game and really enjoyed it. steering does require a 'loving' touch but only needs practise ppl, do soon get sick of the same 6 film quotes (that are all outta context or just not accurate really) tho
  10. does any1 organise a full-sim session for players using wheel and pedals only? ? been racing legendary and wanna hardcore test p.s. no ferraris they must all die:uzi:
  11. wheres the next sequel gone luuuurve these games and wanna get hold of new JAG XF oohh jaggyjaggy
  12. handling is a pain in ass but soon gets easy with credits and track knowledge, also some helpful set-ups and trye choices on this forum NO QUIT gotta go hardcore baby
  13. i'll be on tonite from bout 7pm onwards if your still searching
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