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  1. There's an achievement for picking up the Bandana skull so I'd think it's in the game. I myself asked a similar question on another site: I've noticed that 343/Microsoft is doing that asinine release method of having exclusive pre-order bonuses per retailer but something caught my attention. Amazon is offering the Pinata skull. GameStop is offering the Bandana skull. Microsoft is offering the Boom skull. Best Buy is offering the Grunt Funeral skull. In Halo: CE Anniversary, the first 3 skulls above were in the game, and Grunt Funeral was the launch copy exclusive DLC. Based on achievements for MCC, we can see that the first three remain as a part of the game anyway, leaving Grunt Funeral to be the only real "exclusive" one. However, I also noticed that some skulls have multiple achievements (for example, Grunt Birthday Party has an achievement for picking it up in the Halo CE campaign, Halo 2 campaign, and Halo 3 campaign). Skulls won't be exclusive to that one title, will they? As in, once we pick it up in any campaign, can they be applied anywhere in the game? And if so, then what is the point of offering an "exclusive" pre-order bonus for something readily unlockable in the game?
  2. There's 4 animals in episode 2. They are in cages and are before the "machinery" QTE. There's 3 cages in one sort of "cluster", then immediately to the left is another row of cages with the 4th animal. I know the dog is one of the animals in the cages. I don't remember which one is where. I DO know in my first playthrough where achievements stopped working, it didn't properly count the animals; I had to get this on my second playthrough.
  3. I played the game a little more last night (replayed the prologue) and the good news is that, at least with some of the cumulative achievements, progress seems to "fix" itself either after time or certain actions. For instance, that example I gave where the game said I had 39 pieces of clothing toward the achievement for having 40, that wasn't unlocking even if I had bought more. During the prologue, I bought another piece of clothing and the achievement popped, but also the achievement progress meter for the 60-piece achievement jumped from 39/60 to somewhere around 58/60. It seems as if the game "recalculates" when you get more clothing in this case, as long as the achievements are currently "working properly". Same thing with the scrapbook entries; I got another one, and my achievement progress jumped by 4 or 5. It seems getting another scrapbook entry forced the game to recalculate what I really had. Unfortunately I don't see any positive evidence that time is being calculated properly toward the 10 hour achievement (I believe it shows I'm around 4 hours in total, and I should be over 6). Also, I don't think the achievement for 100,000 credits is updating (It shows I'm around 19,000, but I have about 15,000 currently in my possession and I've purchased quite a bit of clothing, records, food, etc.). Perhaps these will fix themselves in time. Will keep playing and keeping an eye on it to see what happens. Also, the specific "do this action" achievements that didn't pop for me never did pop (complete the game, complete X event without any miss or poor, etc.).
  4. Hi guys. Just completed episode 2, and the game was fantastic, but I wanted to warn you guys about the achievements. At some point in the game, I just stopped earning achievements at all. Not even cumulative progress based ones were counting (for example, I'm at 97% for the "Collect 40 pieces of clothing" achievement, and if I get more clothing, it stays at 97%). I did not get any achievement for beating the "machinery" QTE in episode 2 (I should have gotten both the regular achievement and one for no miss/poor). I did not get an achievement for doing any of Olivia's side missions, when I did several (possibly all, not sure, but at least a few). I did not get an achievement for beating episode 2/season 1, even though I got to the end, got a results screen, and clicking "Continue" starts me back at the prologue. I did not get an achievement for beating the game without doing any retries. At the end of episode 2, it told me I consumed something like 70 fl oz of alcohol in that episode alone, but the achievement tracker for the 100 oz is showing something like 30%. Etc., etc. I'm sure I'm missing a bunch but you get the point. Not sure why I just stopped earning progress/achievements. I am on the preview Xbox One dashboard. It showed me (EvilTrovis) as being logged in the whole time (I'm the only account on this Xbox). I did the entire game in two play sessions; the issue started during the second one. My theory is that is has to do with that instant game resume thing (where you can turn the Xbox off, then come back later and turn it on and be exactly back where you were). Haven't tested it but perhaps making sure to completely exit the game and relaunching before playing is a good idea.
  5. When you're looking out the window, you want to look down and then use the hand to highlight the little diamond icon (I believe that's what it was) on the engine. If you're playing with a controller, use the right stick to look down and the left stick to move over to the icon. Hope that makes sense.
  6. Are you sure you were holding the left stick? You have to hold the left stick in the direction (not press/release) until it tells you to change direction, then hold that direction, etc.
  7. Only song I have left to GS is Diamond Eyes by Shinedown. Probably in my top 50 worst songs ever -_-. I absolutely hate the long, infrequent sustained key notes. This song's chart would be much better without them :/. It doesn't help that the advice above for this song is absolutely worthless; he fails to mention the long sustains, and mentions "Bass is important, but I forget where". -_- I got within 7K of the GS one time but haven't gotten near it since. I keep having to play DLC just to get coins to play this song because I only get like 325 afterward when the powerups cost what, 750? Stupid system. -_- And for those of you saying I lack skill, keep in mind that I GSed the other 24 songs.
  8. You sure about that 100G achievement? I think the 4 VB transfers is a standard objective, not a "projective".
  9. Need all of the online achievements, including Celebrity Status. Add me: EvilTrovis
  10. I know a lot of games use the language of the dashboard. Is your dashboard set to French?
  11. Yeah, it took me 4 tries. But I got it in the Rampage mode in the tutorials. Just got to 5, then let it sit for awhile. Then "Rampaged" the rest and it unlocked after the fourth try.
  12. No, I passed the Survival speech challenge and was still limited to 100.
  13. I'm not too far into Honest Hearts but I can already tell you I think it's much better. I didn't really care for Dead Money. I hated the restraint it had on me with that stupid collar, everything was tinted red and it'd give me a headache, and the enemies were extremely annoying. Honest Hearts has more of the open type gameplay I like in Fallout.
  14. The problem I'm having is that I'm not being rewarded for anything. I have used Netflix countless times and purchased things off of the marketplace but never got 100MSP from either.
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