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  1. I cannot for the life of me remember what the "Security Keys" actually DO, and Google is of no help Anyone know?
  2. thanks for posting! I was just wondering about the Mega Buster / unlockable items and outfits. When I was working on DR 1, I actually unlocked the Real MegaBuster before I did just about anything else, and it felt like it was mostly worth the effort. Some of these seem like they can be unlocked pretty quickly, so I dunno. Sandbox mode makes it hard to decide what to do! So much zombie mayhem!
  3. Couldn't find this anywhere else in the forum so I figured I'd post it. The achievement requires you to knock down zombies WITH other zombies. I was going around jump kicking like crazy for a while trying to get this one. Jump kicking 100 individual zombies will NOT unlock this. The best way to do this is to go to an area where you've got a few large groups of zombies. If you circle around a group you can kinda herd them into all moving towards you. Then, just jump kick one nearest to you into the center of the group. This will cause a domino effect. Repeat until the achievement unlocks. God damn I can't believe I didn't figure that out sooner
  4. Yeah the gigantic slot machine in the Slot Ranch isn't a bad way to go if you're carrying two or 3 Gambling magazines at the time.
  5. Uh literally everything you posted in that list was in the original Dead Rising 2. All the new stuff is pretty well documented over here: http://deadrising.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Dead_Rising_2:_Off_the_Record_Weapons
  6. Disclaimer: This method of no-effort money farming is very dumb and lame. You need a "turbo" capable controller to do this trick. In Sandbox mode, you can repeat this forever until either you wanna save your game or your Xbox gets a RRoD All you have to do is go to the Slot Ranch location. Just like the original DR 2, there's a dumb little 'money grabbing' mini game in the middle of the Slot Ranch. All you have to do is enable Turbo on both your A and B buttons, stand next to the money grabbing game, and then somehow rig your controller so A and B are being held down. You will continue to pull $4625 every time you play the mini game (by pressing A super fast) and then re-enter the mini-game ASAP (by pressing B super fast). While I've been writing this I pulled in about $150K. I haven't clocked how much you can get in an hour, but its not too terribly slow. This leads me to a a lotof easy PP. After you have accumulated like $5 million, you should be able to completely max out on the fortune teller machine. You can find him outside the One Little Duck Bingo place in the Silver Strip. You will get like 2 Combo Cards and enough PP to probably level up 3 or 4 times. In addition to this, you will essentially be "beyond" money after doing this trick, so all the tricky mini-games like Motion Madness are much less of a pain in the ass after this. Yes, this is lame as hell, but it totally works For my setup I'm using a Tournament Edition Fight Stick, which is nice cuz its USB (won't turn off mid-game) and has a nice flat surface. I just have some books stacked on top of the two buttons I need.
  7. I'm not trying to like "call you out" or anything, I'm just really curious about this: if you feel that way, why are reading & posting in this particular forum? I, on the opposite end of the spectrum, got the "fancy" edition of DR2 the day it came out, and feel like just enough time has passed so that its like "A new, even more silly Dead Rising to play? Hell yes!" On the pro-developers side of the coin, I point you guys to what I thought was a fairly interesting statement from John Carmack: http://www.industrygamers.com/news/doom-creator-fires-back-at-devs-with-snooty-attitude/ His arguments defending sequels and the like are, I think, somewhat thought-provoking. Am I saying that Capcom essentially re-releasing a bunch of stuff repeatedly is a great thing? No! With Street Fighter 4, its growing downright silly. Unless you're a hardcore player into tournaments and the character rankings and stuff, SS4A in particular seems like a pretty egregious, cheesy release. That said, there guys I know who love that release and paid full price for it. At then end of the day, Capcom's a business. They do these kinds of easy / lazy releases because its a relatively safe and inexpensive way to wring some more money out of previous releases. It seems like they do it because they know people will buy them. So, if you hate this phenomenon and want it to stop, your solution is simple: Do not buy these games, or buy them 2nd-hand so Capcom doesn't get your money.
  8. I wondered about the Alpha vs Omega one. That sounds like it might be really obnoxious. Getting 100K kills in sandbox mode won't be too bad since that's basically all you do. I'm up to about 20K already and I haven't found any good place to farm for kills yet. Any idea how to unlock the SUV key?
  9. Also you can jump back and forth from Story and Sandbox modes, which I'm sure some smart people will figure out how to exploit for maximum silliness. One semi-weird thing I found so far: if you get some crazy clothes in Sandbox, and then go back to Story, your clothes follow you. This can be good or bad, depending on you see it
  10. I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand, I love zombie stuff and played the hell out of "the first one", Dead Rising 2. The chance to play that stuff again, particularly Sandbox mode, is awesome. However, at the moment there are TONS and TONS of big name games that either just came out or are coming out really soon. Plus, in my limited "gaming time" lately, all I have been playing for the past week or so is Dead Island. "Hey look, remember how you were doing a bunch of zombie killing? Lets do something different, like kill more zombies!" Oh well, its October, so killing zombies does make me feel more in the Halloween spirit, I guess. All in all, I think Capcom is being pretty lazy with this release, but (as they did with their innumerable Street Fighter 4 re-releases) they are wisely not trying to get a "full" $60 for this game, so I'm not mad at them about it.
  11. This site shows where every single location is on the map: http://lanoire.wikia.com/wiki/L.A._Noire_Wiki I got it by Googling "LA Noire tar pits" when I was finishing up that Homicide case. Its a handy site.
  12. Disc 3 is where the story really takes off in this game IMO. Also, I can see why some people will totally not like this game, since as others have pointed out, its more of a "Detective" game than an action game. At times it reminded me of Phoenix Wright. When I called people out on their lies, I kept wanting to yell "OBJECTION!". The other silly thing for me was I kept expecting John Hamm to show up, since a lot about this game made me think of Mad Men. Maybe he'll be in some DLC?
  13. Yes you are screwed. I accidentally did this myself early in the game.
  14. I can confirm that Floor 300 does get easier if you die and then retry a bunch (like 10+ times). Did anyone else NOT get the big gold reward for beating Floor 300? I got like no money for beating it. I think you only get the big reward if you finish off ALL the floors (I skipped probably 10 of them). Anyone know?
  15. I believe she's unlocked in the Hostage Crisis mission you can do on the "evil" ship (which I think is called The Invisible Hand). From the mission hub ship, you need to have at least 10 or 15 gold bricks, then you can get down to the ship bay. This lets you choose a ship to spawn, which will let you fly around in space outside the hub ship. If you go off to the right, you will find an evil ship you can dock with. That's where I am right now, stuck on that mission.
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