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  1. I'm loving the game personally. I'm also a huge fan of Sword Art Online in general though. If you like the anime and characters, third person looter shooters, and JRPG flair, I'd highly recommend the game. I think you'll enjoy it. The first guy on TA to finish it, and I assume in the world, did it in just over 99 hours. So figure 100 hours give or take.
  2. I named her Akeno after Akeno Himejima from High School DxD.
  3. It wasn't your fault. When you play on Give Me Deus Ex difficulty it automatically disables certain features like waypoints and the reticule. But you can reactivate them at any time in the options menu. It worked the same way in Human Revolution I believe.
  4. If they're in a position where takedowns aren't possible, I just shoot them in the head with the stun gun. It works great. You get the marksman bonus, and the other bonuses for non-lethal disposal of an enemy. So I'd recommend that on a Pacifist run.
  5. Thank you so much for this. I got the glitch on one of the minikits in the mines. But I entered the first code and all 3 of the achievements I was missing popped.
  6. I have the completion now. Thanks to everyone that helped out.
  7. This should help answer your questions in detail. Hope it helps. http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Romance
  8. Freja scared the crap out of me on NG+. Never expected it. The Falconers also surprised me. I had no issue with them on NG+. They didn't even hit me actually. But on NG++ the threw the birds at me for a near instant death. lol
  9. I've never had it freeze either, thankfully.
  10. I know what you mean. That would be bad for me too if I ruined the most OP sorcery in the game. I don't think it does though since now that my INT is up to where it should be for the requirements, I'm hitting for over 2,000 damage per cast on bosses. It's really a tremendously powerful spell. Hopefully upping your Faith will have similar results for your Sunlight Spear. Then you can roll around Drangleic getting your Gwyn on.
  11. I do the same thing. Melee everything that isn't a huge elite enemy or a boss. I use spells to kill those quickly. Seems to work pretty well for the most part. But I'm sure I'll need to increase my melee damage output in NG++. But maybe not. My Curved Dragon Greatsword is hitting for over 600 damage now that it's fully leveled and Lightning infused. Even more so if I buff it with Crystal Magic Weapon. The only downside is it's swing speed. I'd like to throw on a katana. But I don't like them much in this game since they removed their natural bleed building capability. And the speed seems much slower this time around. Not sure what fast weapon would go well with my build. All of the faster weapons seem very weak even when fully leveled since I don't have my Strength or Dexterity very high. Neither is above 30. That might change in the future though.
  12. That's definitely true. But I haven't increased my Vigor much at all. So I'm incredibly squishy. So I try not to get too close to avoid getting one shotted. I'm going to improve my Adaptability more so I can get more I frames and roll through attacks easier. Then I'll be more comfortable getting closer. I'm pretty decent at dodging. It's just frustrating when the boss is nearly dead and you get sloppy and die to glancing blow.
  13. I used 13 Spices on Soul Geyser to lower it from 64 to 51. I was very unimpressed with the damage output considering how godlike people were making it out to be. So I upped my INT to 64. Now it's hitting for amazing damage. The extra points really did make a huge difference for me. So it's probably the same thing for miracles. But I'm not positive since I haven't rolled a Faith build yet.
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