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  1. Since this is a free game I am gonna try getting on and playing some matches. If anyone wants to boost through the game with me, 2000 matches, let me know. Obiwan16
  2. Anyone on here want to boost terrorist hunts and also the stun kills? Obiwan16
  3. If anyone is still online with this? I need the 4 player achievement. Message me Obiwan16
  4. Play with a 2nd player. You earn orbs faster and can revive each other to keep the game moving. I played single player and it takes forever compared to two players. Plus you are working two rangers at once cutting the total time down to maxing out all rangers.
  5. I have several missions left and am pretty decent at this game. If anyone wants to run through and knock out the sniper elite campaign pm me
  6. Just picked up the game. If you want to play send me a message.
  7. I need almost all of the online achievements if anyone wants to knock this out with me message me
  8. the controls take some time to get use to, but both endings blew big time, and that totally ruined the game experience for me. I would say it is not worth the let down.
  9. I think that if a game releases more achievements with DLC, than that score should be like bonus points or extra credit. It would also play a major role if now unobtainable achievements counted as extra credit because of server shutdowns. This way it helps new gamers with older games to reach a 100% completion and it would also help old gamers with bonuses exceeding 100% for older games. This would maintain a competitve atmosphere for achievement hunters.
  10. the first modern warfare was my fav and then a close runner up with world at war, but my fav part of the story line was in modern warfare two with the emp blast. now that was awesome.
  11. i am online right now and need the try a tutorial achievement. Just let me lose to you once. I will be trying again tomorrow after 3 pm eastern time. My rank in verses is about 948 the last i checked. Send me a message with LOTR in it if your interested in besting me and only if your ranked lower to me.
  12. I agree it was just like Star Wars battlefront but this particular game only kept me occupied for about 15 hours. After that I got rather annoyed with the game.
  13. Its zombies, of coarse its worth the buy. Keep an eye open as most places in the U.S. will release sale prices for 19.99 in weekly ads. I like the story line although it is short. The endless hordes of zombies attacking the wild west can fulfill hours of game play with the right coop partners.
  14. I had luck at Fort Mercer with the 4 zombie types in one go. And the bears will find you if you roam the tall trees area around the mountains base.
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