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  1. This should be added, Flycatcher's Book of Fable is missable. Followed the guide accordingly and was surprised that I had missed one book by the end of chapter 3.
  2. Seriously though, how hard can it be to patch this? I ended up with the most kills 3 times in a row some days ago and still nothing (had the most kills several times before as well). Bummer if this is the only fix as of yet. Tried this out but unfortunately the score was reached with like 20 seconds left so no cheevo!
  3. Honestly, I think you could get most modes to work on a Death Star map. Hell, Battlefront II had an interior map, right? So why not Supremacy, but cut out the vehicles basically. A friend and I had a pretty neat idea for what could be a fighter squadron/turning point blend outside of the Death Star too - Both episode IV and VI. Basically, there would be objectives for the rebels to be completed within a certain time, just like in Turning Point (like, I dunno, 'x' amount of kills or destroying a ship or what not, we didn't get that far) and The Rebels would progressively get closer to the Death Star while The Empire try to fend them off. Ultimately, the Rebels would reach the Death Star 'trenches' and the final "control point" would be to shoot a proton torpedo into the small exhaust or what it's called much like in episode IV and destroy the Death Star. But, if the Rebels don't succeed within the given time,The Death Star would be in range to destroy Yavin IV! Thoughts? Hero "ships" could be Vader's personalized TIE fighter and the Rebels would have Luke or something in that fashion. Nevertheless, good points. Not much to go by if they don't include things from previous and coming Star Wars movies.
  4. I suppose it could be the "Noel" skin that's missing, which is free to download btw, because I'm missing one too and the Noel skin is the one I haven't gotten yet.
  5. Yeah, I was even fortunate enough to be wearing the "Dark Knight" skin too which made it so much better, haha!
  6. Hell yeah, agreed, the "Cold, Cold Heart" add-on was definitely worth getting! I like how after you finish Freeze's mission in Arkham Knight it starts snowing all over Gotham. And, what I suppose is an intentional nod to The Dark Knight movie, friggin Kevin Conroy gets to shout "Where is she?!" at a Militia Lieutenant during that mission.
  7. Gotta say that I really liked this considering how it was a Swan Song for all of the villains included. My only complaint was that none of the other villains got this treatment, and really should have. Kinda highlights how in the base game none of the villains were given a proper ending. If every villain in Arkham Knight had a conclusion like this it would have been the ultimate Batman game in my opinion. The "In From the Cold" side-mission was such a good tribute to the Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero movie too! Albeit a bit short (as suspected), still good DLC. Also, hearing Alfred say "crazy ass ninjas" was bliss!
  8. If they're still going for the episode 4 - 6 approach I would like to see Obi-Wan Kenobi (but with a Ben Kenobi skin) and Chewbacca for the rebels. It would be cool if Kyle Katarn got to make an appearance too! As for the Empire, they don't really have many baddies to go for thinking of the 4 - 6 episodes, so prequel villains then! Darth Maul comes to mind, obviously, and I suppose Count Dooku would be nice (even though he'd basically turn out as a Darth Vader and Palpatine mash-up).
  9. You rank up incredibly fast now, defo reaching rank 50 this weekend!
  10. Seeing as you're playing on Xbox, yes. I'd say people don't bother that much about their profile pics filling "the box". I know I didn't for quite some time.
  11. Got this today and pretty much this. Make sure not take damage/get hit while doing it either because it will cancel the tow cable sequence.
  12. I have the same issue with pretty much every single side mission I've completed, although mine say "Done! Unlocking..." in the achievement app so I suppose it's just a matter of time before they pop... I hope.
  13. I have the same issues listed as well... What the hell, man. If this really turns out to be a April Fool's joke, it's a cruel one!
  14. Every time I tried to play some Halo 3 custom games with some buddies over at my house this past weekend it consistently froze during the loading screens, real annoying. Ended up playing on the 360 instead... I hope they fixed this kind of BS with the latest patch, such a shame.
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