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  1. Im in and im sure i can get another friend to join .. your in belgium though so the time zone will be tough. I made a tournament thats private so only we can get in.. Everybody that wants to join the league join: -League: x360a -Password: x360a
  2. i won the stanley cup in franchise.. i picked 4 teams, made the season 41 games and playoffs best of three. My red wings won the stanley cup but NO ACHV!!! did i change an option that i shouldnt of.. and it was on PRO just to let you know.. i also didnt play one single game at all, i simmed everything
  3. 32 hours to get 87% done, but i used a turbo controller to fast forwad through those long cut scenes that take up to 15 minutes to read lol.. and a sick strat guide that walked me through clearly and easily
  4. I read a strat guide that explains the 7 final battles in the game and how tough they are, bt before that it explains that how the game ends.. for sake of time im wondering if the happy ending achv is rewarded before the string of tough battles against level 80's and stuff cuz my golems are only at 45ish and im 85% done
  5. i must be retarted.. its now 41 - 0 the yanks are beating me, and i cant snag homeruns.. ITS THE SECOND INNING.. theyve hit about 30 homeruns without me snagging any! any more tips for the handicapped.. EDIT: I got the achv.. i was clicking RS instead of pushing it up..it was 113-0 in the 4th when got robbed damon
  6. it seems like the online acheviement will take a while if your only killing one person that your trading acheviements with.. but every1 says the game is easy.. so i was wondering how long does the online acheviements take with 1 friend?
  7. dude i tried to post a pic but couldnt.. i will send it to u in an email if u want, or just ass me as a friend then look that way, and its deff glitched, b/c Idlehands88 also has all the hands without the acheivement, and another person too thats ranked 206 in playermatch..i forgot their name. so how bout you do research before doubting me. EDIT: btw i got it to load, so take a gander to my previous post while im reveling in my glory
  8. http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/7880/achebt6.th.jpgEven check my acheivements i dont have the acheivement for it..and yes i do have the cards from under the flush (straight, 3 of a kind, etc.) sorry i couldnt get a pic of it edit: sorry the pic isnt loading ill try to fix it
  9. well i have played 800 hands now, but thats cuz im trying to get the 1000 hands acheivement so i keep folding to make it faster. I did get all hands around 500 though. you could add me as a friend and look at it through the friends leaderboard. However..i didnt get the acheivement, and it shows that nobody has unlocked it yet on top360tags.com . And ive seen other people with all the hands that are in the top 100 leaderboard in the game. I think this might actually be unacheiveable which will suck! edit: Ok, ive done some research and im 99.9% sure this acheivement is glitched. I havent received it, neither has 2 other people ive looked into that i found on the leaderboards. Also the acheivement hasnt been unloacked on top360tags.com. please let me know if you find some1 with this acheivement, or if your having problems of your own.
  10. This person is a complete dumbass, never play poker again idiot. only reason why im mad is you say the game is a mistake when ur just a fool
  11. well i now got them all in less than 500 hands on this game.. but i didnt get an acheivement unlocked.. im wondering if this acheivement is bugged or suttin, but im going to look into it right now
  12. wont let me do 50 k starting amount.. im poor
  13. red nemesis.. did you have somebody boost you up with money?
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