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  1. why did you take down your boosting video for red faction?

  2. Yeah Activision just funded the game, advertised the game, and published the game... They had nothing to do with development apart from controlling how long it was (2 years)...
  3. Dude what the hell man? Your own sig says use spoilers and you don't? I haven't even beaten three day mode yet... But now the ending is completely ruined? Firebombing? What the hell. Thanks man. Thanks a fucking lot.
  4. Hey I was curious if this game had "god" items like DR1 did (Mega Man Buster, Flame Sword, etc)? And if so, what achievements are needed for it...? Also, I was curious about what level you get 12 inventory slots (or 11)...? I want to get in on that 12 discount books to make money stuff before Capcom patches it, but it is going pretty slow for me... I only just got the game and I am level 16 I believe and only have like 7 inventory slots right now... Thanks for answers!
  5. I use Boxer... It puts melee on the LT... So you don't have to have crazy nerd fingers and amazing reaction time to jump or melee or combine them... You just shoot with RT, Jump with A, and Melee with LT... Very simple.
  6. No one even knows what it requires... I have heard so many variations of what you need to do and none of them worked for me... When I got the achievement, I sprinted the entire time... Never hitting LB a second time... And I started my melee attack after I was already practically on the ground (my assassination animation involved a knife...)... So everything everyone told me... "Stop sprinting" "hit RB in the air" "time it perfectly" was all complete BS... As I did none of those when I got the achievement...
  7. Once you get the order down... You can kill all of them without ever taking a single hit... Just remember, the on on the far left almost instantly respawns when it is killed... So when killing them, keep and eye on the left because that one is either already there or on its way there 100% of the time... As for the other Phantoms, just shoot them as they come close (closest first)... And always shoot banshees over Phantoms (as they can shoot you from farther away and they rip your shields to sh_t and back... You just have to hold out a minute or so, until the Cruiser is directly over the Pillar of Autumn...
  8. There were also hundreds of other un-indoctrinated SPARTAN III's like Noble Team... They were SPARTANs who were created from normal soldiers, not indoctrinated/genetically enhanced from childhood like SPARTAN IIs... Though they were still genetically enhanced, they weren't nearly as effective as SPARTAN IIs (like the Master Chief)...
  9. I am to the part where you just reach the dry-dock on the way to the Pillar of Autumn... And I can't get past... Up until now, I have sat back and killed things until they were all dead... But doing that here... Things keep coming until there is a massive rush of elites with explosive weapons and I die every time... I can't figure out how to get past here... Any suggestions from people who already beat it? Thanks in advance!
  10. OK... Thanks... I am not even to that mission yet... I was checking now because I didn't want to get all the way there on normal to find out I had to have been on hardcore the entire time... But since I know you can change it... I am ready now...
  11. Do you have to play the entire game on hardcore up to that point or can you switch the difficulty to hardcore once you reach that mission? Just curious as I am already like halfway through a new game on normal and I was going to start over before I got any further and play from the start on hardcore...? That is unless I can change the difficulty?
  12. Just a note for future reference, never buy any PC game used because 99.9% of the time you won't be able to use it as the key is obviously already used... Very few games had no key/DRM a while back and NO game made within the last few years is without them... And most within the last 2 years not only have key but are online activated and have keys tied to accounts of some kind... NEVER buy a used PC game. It is basically worthless after the original owner uses the key.
  13. I like the Springfield... 1 Hit Kill in most situations, extremely long range... All around fantastic weapon.
  14. I got spurred to victory straight from the beginning... I only did Bonnie's Missions until I got to the the mission where you get the tan stallion and the lasso... From that point on I used only that horse... He never died and I never even got on another horse... And I got the achievement just after completing Irish's second mission...
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