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  1. Kingsman: Golden Circle 7.5 out 10
  2. I like where the SP is going. Not enough stuff on the Empires pov.
  3. I strongly recommend you go back to play ME2/3. Both are completely better then ME1.
  4. Ditto. At least it won't be like the loyalty achievements like ME1. That was a real time burner.
  5. Been MIA for awhile. Congrats on becoming the HBIC.

  6. Bravo Zulu to you good sir! I know I never really spoke to over the years but I can tell you but the work in. Thank you
  7. Hoping this brings me back to the division. Been MIA from it for a while.
  8. Welcome back! Ive been MIA for a while.

  9. Happy B-Day! This site has helped me with so many games. The community is second to none.
  10. The biggest issue I have is the DZ. I find it so frustrating when I put time and effort into getting loot only to be killed 10 seconds before the line drops from the helicopter.
  11. I think the Cryptarch packages have a chance to give out TTK items. Not 100% sure on this.
  12. Appreciate the time taken to make this guide. Thanks TW !
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