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  1. More Aussies killer my wife is from Australia but lives with me in Manhattan,NYC she just obtained dual citizenship as I am gettin a Australian one,but I always show her other Aussies on this site she gets a kick out of it


    I can't wait to get back to the Gold Coast very easy goin love the peeps a world different from the madness of NYC lunatics


    Keep on rockin

  2. Hello! Merry Christmas! :D

  3. Yep is true, just confirmed it Anyone play?
  4. I think I've got this in the right spot. Just wondering if anyone out there plays/played FFXIV (PC) and can help me setting up my account. Also I've been told the trial in infinate, but will I need to still enter my credit card details? Thanks
  5. Dr Pepper, but it's hard to find here. Luckily the corner store has it
  6. http://i899.photobucket.com/albums/ac195/Kameru/wallpaper-1.jpg
  7. http://i899.photobucket.com/albums/ac195/Kameru/228433_10150575305050459_851435458_18488958_7343956_n-1.jpg This is me, and I get asked this a lot - yes that is my natural eye colour!
  8. yea man i do i have 3 of them and more would be nice srry i havent seen this till now but we would need about 6-7 people

  9. Hehe yes! Its is Nyan Cat!! :D

  10. Is that Nyan cat? :D

  11. You too hun xx

    You up to anything special? :)

  12. have a great eater break :] xx

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