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  1. Hey man. What games have you been playing lately? Have you got one of the next-gen consoles?

  2. I'm almost done with my 1999 playthrough and I have to say I disagree. This game has joined my top five favorite games of all time.
  3. Lol. People were acting like you said a racist joke or something. Your comment was really not that bad.

  4. I'll have to start subscribing myself. I want to help this site get back on its feet. I heard a lot of the older members left though.

  5. Hey man, nah it's been picking up recently. I've gone back to subscribing because the site is quite a lot of fun again.

  6. I hope so man. This is the first time in like a year or two that I logged into this site. I stopped playing video games for a while, but now I think I'll be getting back. It's good to know that there's long-time members (Like you) who are still active on this site. I think I'll be coming back too.

  7. It's still pretty active, not as active as it used to be and a lot of the older members seem to be not around anymore. I'm sure it will pick up though the closer we get to the next gen systems at the end of the year.

  8. Dude what happened to this website? Not a lot of people post anymore.

  9. Dude is this website dead?

  10. Need to get the Rails and Saddle achievement, message me on Xbox.
  11. Currently, it is 97. Ridiculous. I hate Summer, especially since theirs a lot of wasps and man do I hate wasps.
  12. I absolutely love the album. Especially Liquid Fire, that song is awesome. I'm probably going to buy this album along with Reign Supreme (Dying Fetus) next week.
  13. People saying that the PS3 is better than the 360. :p

  14. Chuck Schuldiner (Death) James Murphy (Disincarnate) Christian Muenzner (Obscura) Muhammad Suicmez (Necrophagist) Gary Holt (Exodus) Michael Amott (Carcass, Arch Enemy) Alex Skolnick (Testament)
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