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  1. I just got through that mission what i did was stand in the corner to the left of them let the cloak completly recharge then i just walked between the wall and the deatheater and i got through
  2. The best method I found for the 50 Perfect wins for me is to wait until you complete the final tournament and unlock the Grapple Grounder dragon for arcade, then use dragon editor to create one and use no characteristic points. Now in dragon selection use your high level Deadly Nadder and the no attribute Grapple Ground and range wise get only close enough to use the Y tail attack not a combo, the other dragon will occasionally jump but if u hit it it falls wait for it to get back up, it use its own Y attack but does not have the range of the Nadder and wont hit you. The ONLY time I did not get perfect is it will randomly use its fireball attack which will hit you but it rarely does it.
  3. looking to boost MP achievements including dlc Edit: no longer need and about to send game back to gamefly
  4. I need the viral achievement and if anyone is willing to boost with me will help you if you need them as well and I already have the dlc ready to go I am on most of the time Edit: I am done with game about to send back to gamefly
  5. Looking for boosting partner for Chaotic I work two days a week so usually at home playing games lol.
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