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  1. I'm trying to get the full experience by doing every side quest and fully exploring every location. I achieved 1000/1000 in ME1 & ME2 and plan to do the same with ME3.
  2. Same. I imported my LV30 character was was not presented with any options... though I would have opted for the full RPG experience anyway. WHo would want to do it any other way?
  3. This is my one and only gripe with ME3. In ME2, you swap discs once you progressed past a certain point in the campaign. In ME3, however, and depending on what side quests you do, you have to constantly swap discs which is a major pain in the ass. Other than that this game is amazing.
  4. MP Gold is extremely difficult. The enemies are stronger, more numerous & aggressive, and there are more stronger enemies. i.e.: Bronze VS Geth you may get 1 Prime per wave after LV5-6. On Silver you may get 1-2 Primes after LV5. But on Gold you WILL get 3-4 at once after LV5! This is extremely tough, especially on objective waves where you can't defend your favorite spot. I do not recommend even attempting this until you have a full squad of LV20 chars with X weapons, V upgrades, using expendable equipment on you favorite map in a great spot with complimentary classes that support each other. Yes, it's that hard.
  5. I have a few questions about promoting your character in multiplayer. No speculation please, just facts. When you promote a character from LV20 to LV1... 1. does it reset the class, all 4 chars, or just a single char to level 1? 2. do you receive any additional skill points — since you do not receive enough points on the first 1-20 levels to max the skill trees? 3. does it reset your skills to a clean slate with no skill points preallocated? i.e. initially 1 point is usually assigned and sometimes wasted in a skill you may not want.
  6. If AC3 is set during the 1700's I will not be playing this game. The AC series is defined by blades and bows not muskets and cannons. As a veteran of the entire AC franchise, I think that this will be the end of AC for me...
  7. This. And I'm so totally psyched for this... I may not sleep for several days.
  8. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... unless it's girl/girl then "oh hell yeah" O_O
  9. I had serious doubts about MP pre demo but after playing it I'm looking forward to the full version almost more that the campaign.
  10. So I have played through the entire game without a single issue until now. During the main quest, Silence Falls, you are asked to destroy 3-chantries in the swamp. The problem is that, though I can break all three, only two count. I tried loading a save before getting the quest and trying again, in a different order, with the same results. I tried yet again and still only 2 count. At this point I cannot progress the main quest. Anyone experience this or have a solution besides waiting for a patch?
  11. Boycott COD.... play Mass Effect 3.
  12. Absolutely Yes. Mighnight release, off on Wed and maybe Thur if I can swing it. Being self employed has major benefits.
  13. Socketed a full set of Troll Armor with 2 utility and 1 armor gem each using best quality Pristine gems as follows: 3+20% Lightly Wounded, 3+20% Heavily Wounded, 2+20% Day/Night Damage, 2+2 Health Regeneration. Created Master Bow using Greater components, all fire, with a Incinerate gem at LV20 with Ash limbs as base. Worked out to 151dmg. With max bow skill you fire 7-arrows which pretty much one hit kills just about everything short of a Thresh. You can keep applying this tactic with better parts to significant effect which makes Hard quite Easy. You'll also never need health regen potions again.
  14. I am LV24 and have completed the forest area and about 75% of the plains. I have not ventured to the other areas yet, and I have done most of the side quests, so I don't see a problem in getting to LV40 far before the end.
  15. I'm really having a good time with this game. Admittedly, I am a huge Beth fan and loved the entire Elder Scrolls series so I was a bit worried about this title. However after spending the last 30+ hours with this game I am loving every minute. The combat is terrific, the scenery is gorgeous, and the world is huge. Though this game definitely borrows elements from Fable, Dragon Age and, to some degree Skyrim, it uses the best parts of them with few of their shortcomings. I think this game is greatly underrated and a definite rent, and possible buy, if you liked Dragon Age 1 and Fable 3. I rate it 8/10.
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