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  1. (RAP, COUNTRY, AND CHILD STARS DO NOT COUNT. THAT'S TOO EASY.) 1. Nickelback- The worst band ever. Period. 2. Disturbed- They act metal but are repetitive and not very talented. 3. Dragonforce- SUCK. NOT METAL. FAKE. They can't play their own fake music. 4. Poison- Brett Michaels is secretly gay. We all know it from his gay music. 5. Whoever made Bodies (I think Drowning Pool)- I fucking hate you. That song sucks so much. 6. Guns 'N' Roses- Slash is my hero, but the vocals are terrible and the music fails overall. 7. Kiss- I don't hate them, but they get way too much credit. They are famous for being famous basically. 8. Korn- I have never enjoyed them. 9. Sellout bands like Greenday and Linkin Park- YOU USED TO BE GOOD. WHY DID YOU FUCK THAT UP?! 10. Aerosmith- I enjoy two songs by them, but other than that they are overrated. I have had this list countless times with friends, but I'm forgetting our results off the top of my head so I will stop there.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I do like some modern bands though. Opeth and Machine Head kick ass. There are a few that my friend made me listen to, but I forget their names. Oh and whoever said Tool was a metal band, which Tool are you listening to? They are not metal. They are good, but not metal.
  3. LOLOLOL...Fight Club references...Best movie ever...
  4. One more trivial (yet not trivial to a certain degree) reason why I don't like CoD games. There are no good easter eggs (that I have seen).
  5. See I don't know. I hate Call of Duty (go ahead and bash me for it, whatever). In general I have never liked the games (although the campaigns have been not bad and zombies is meh). The multiplayer bored me. The one thing I did notice though while playing them was that I thought I liked Treyarch's versions of CoD better. I mean I guess it's all just about personal opinion, but I'm just saying. Am I the only person who feels that way? I only know like one or two people who have agreed with me.
  6. Could someone please buy my vinyl group called MOO COW? I'll be selling a car soon but can return the favor.
  7. Where/How do you make your horde hiding spot? Me and my friend usually find a nice secluded spot and set up some mauler shields so nobody can get into our spot unless they kick the shields over. Boomers, maulers, and grinders are stuck outside.
  8. Guys if the lancer had much more power than it had the shotgun is gonna be useless. People will just sit back and spam it.
  9. The gargoyle in guild cave is not blowing up. What do I do?
  10. I want to hear everyone's opinion on current metal. I used to like it, but now that I've started to listen to 80's thrash metal, I personally am not fond of the current metal any more. All it is loud screaming with some decent guitar. 80's thrash has more talent (lyrically and instrumentally)and the voices sound better. What's your opinion?
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