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  1. Happy to help! Thanks for the kind words. :)

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the incredible work you do on here. Came for the FFX remaster walkthrough, and of course, done by you to perfection. Greatly helps every time.

  3. All right, mission accomplished. I am no longer in need of help but others may be. Carry on.
  4. I'm at chapter 7 before the first mission, but all my guys around 26-28. Where would be the most effective place to grind levels out? I'm playing on the easy setting if that's relevant.
  5. So, now that I've completed all the achieves, I'm sitting here with a little remorse that I turned into kind of a dick. Is there a point that you can still side with the minutemen and turn on the raiders? I've got about a billion saves so I could fall back at any point. I just feel shitty shooting minutemen & settlers in the face...
  6. Well, I ended up beating it on my 4th or 5th try, had to wait until I could get him to walk into 2 bolts at the same time, seemed to mess him up bad. But..... the achieve didn't pop anyway. Which made me super sad. So, now my question pivots to why did that happen? The only things that I didn't do were the "Against all odds" battle where Rook has to take out 10 dredge by himself at the beginning, and I failed the first training mission in the tent when it forced me to try. I never lost another battle. So, which one of those would have caused me to miss?
  7. So, I didn't really care for true hold 'em, particularly because the achievement list is impossible to complete (level 100 just isn't plausible, I've autoplayed hands for over a month, and still am 20 levels off...) Is the overall list actually finishable? I don't want to start cracking on this if I can't finish it.
  8. So, struggling with the iver Bolverk fight. If I want to trigger the challenge achievement, do I need to win this one? It seems the story is the same regardless of who wins but wanted to know if anyone else had luck with a ko at the end.
  9. I've seen initially for launch the achieves seem to be super buggy. Has this gotten any better since launch or are they still just kinda yech?
  10. Well, I don't understand why, but I rebooted the Xbox tonight, reloaded the last scene, and it popped. Sooooo, if anyone else runs into that, I would just do that. But, problem solved. Yea.
  11. It was off of an easy save, which I did think about, but the notion that the yellow text popped up and said "Normal Difficulty +5 Renown" makes me think that shouldn't matter. It doesn't show as 100% on the XBox sidebar, just as if it never popped to begin with.
  12. I just completed my normal playthrough, and the yellow text showed up on the main screen that I got +5 morale for it, but it never actually triggered on the achievements. Has anyone ran into this or have any ideas for fixes? I had it on normal the entire way through, so I never played w/the difficulty for that playthrough. I used an imported save w/Alette if that is relevant.
  13. Every time I do it, it just seems random. I can't figure out the pattern, and I feel like understanding this would be the difference between living and dying on a lot of turns. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Question for those that have unlocked the 100 hi-lo wins. Did you have to do it all in one sitting? I feel like I Should have hit 100 by now, and with no tracking possible, I'm getting concerned none have counted unless I do it all in one go.
  15. I'm also in the market for the 20 wins and million dollar table achieves for boosting. Msg me online, usually available on weekends all day and late evenings weekdays (10pm -1 am CST)
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