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  1. Since nobody has come up with one, I thought I'd link to the excellent one at PS Trophies in case anyone needs a reference. The achievements are the same as the Trophies on the PS3 except for an extra Platinum Trophy. It ended up being very useful to me.
  2. The description of painting 9 is terrible. There is absolutely no tricky blinking involved to get it. Once you climb up the chain to the bridge/catwalk that crosses the water, turn around and you should see a metal balcony on the right hand buildings. Make your way by blinking to the balcony and the painting is yours.
  3. Just played my first playthrough on Easy and got Mostly Flesh and Steel, Clean Hands, Ghost, and Shadow all at the same time. I sleepdarted all hounds, killed all plants, and ignored Granny completely. At the end of 3 of the missions I initially didn't have 'Ghost' checked even tho I was saving and reloading like crazy, but I immediately replayed the missions instead of continuing and got the checkmark. Now I'm escaping the prison and was very satisfied to see heads start flying from shoulders.
  4. The title of the thread asked "Require full playthrough?" and your answer is off topic? Huh?
  5. I permanently possessed every one of them on 1998 mode (my only playthrough) and had no issues with Salt supply.
  6. Columbia's Finest Pack was a steal at the sale price. You get a decent advantage towards the beginning of the game. It's a good buy even at the regular price.
  7. Actually it's quite worth your while to follow the video guide even if you've got the "What's Yours is Mine" achievement. I had done a lot of exploration on my own before Chap 7 and found all the collectibles up to that point. I also had around 345 of City Loot. I used the video guide and was surprised how many secret areas I'd missed in out of the way nooks and crannies I'd already been. Thanks PowerPyx.
  8. If you're referring to the Saiga 12-gauge, there is an optional 20 round drum available for the real thing. I know as I own both.
  9. Uhh ... lots of misinformation in this thread. There is a Cache folder on the hard drive. It's used for files like title updates and game achievement tile pics and other stuff that won't matter much if it gets erased. The Hard Drive uses a proprietary FATX file system that can't hold more than 4000 files in a single folder at a time. To keep the file number under this limit, older files are deleted if necessary, otherwise they're just as permanent as any other file that doesn't get deleted. People who call hard drive space "memory" usually don't know the difference between storage (where files are stored) and memory (where files are copied to so the CPU and GPU can process them - called RAM). Also, they are usually confused about everything else they know about computers and shouldn't be considered reliable sources of learning something new from. (P.S. The Xbox 360 is a computer. If properly hacked, it can be used to run a very efficient and cheap Linux server.)
  10. There a good text walkthrough I used here http://www.gamefront.com/metro-last-light-faction-pack-dlc-walkthrough/3/ . It misses the exact location for a few, but it leads you along well that's it's hard to miss them. Don't forget to use the BACK button to see what you've picked up lick I did. I finally remembered it was there when I had 3 artifacts left.
  11. I did almost all missions with everything upgraded. The benefits far outweigh the 2 or 3 missions where a fully upgraded ship causes a bit of trouble. In those missions, you just cant use your ship as much of a battering ram as you normally would. Best strategy in those situations is use chain-shot to cripple the ship. Then you can either come in slowly at an angle and gently ram the bow, or while making a pass, hit the bow with the edge of your cannon shot so only a few balls hit and eventually you'll expose what needs to be exposed.
  12. Ellen the Tailor has 2 additional activities that can be scanned: She is fitting the Doctor for a new suit in her front yard She is quilting a blanket in the brown chair next to the red chair
  13. Banjo Kazooie & Tooie aren't Nintendo games, they're Rare games. Nintendo was only the publisher - Rare always retained the rights to them. Rare was bought by Microsoft in 2002. They are still Rare games - Microsoft is the publisher of the arcade versions.
  14. To make things go faster: During Bop-It, do nothing or purposely do the wrong thing; During Yahtzee Bowling pressing A when opponent is bowling will skip AI's scenes. During Yahtzee bowling, always try to go for a Yahtzee (5 of a kind) since winning or losing doesn't matter. (I got a 6 Yahtzee while writing this post, LOL.) In Scrabble Flash, the game ends when someone reaches 25 points. So, try to get to 24 points so you can go over 25 a few extra points to reach 1500 faster.
  15. This only works if you switch the difficulty to Hardcore. Then switch it back when you're done. I bought and sold while watching a couple of TV shows. When I was done, I had over 9000 MGRs.
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