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  1. I'm looking for someone to do the online achievements with please. Hit me up GT = Sleeprage
  2. Change it back -- new UX is terrible, font hard to see, too much empty space, difficult to navigate.
  3. Looking for people to do the online achievements: GT = Sleeprage
  4. I need help and can help others with all online achievements: GT = Sleeprage
  5. if anyone wants to get the multiplayer achievements on this hit me up Gamertag = Sleeprage
  6. Looking to do the RAAM co op achievement and boost the other versus online ones. GT = Sleeprage
  7. Siman.M


    Let’s get the co-op Cheevos: GT = Sleeprage
  8. I need help and can offer help on all online achievements GT = Sleeprage
  9. I just got the game and need help / can help people with all online achievements. Gamertag = Sleeprage
  10. I need to do the 10 wins on featured maps. On most days and pretty flexible with my time. Shoot me a message at it will come through on my phone and I can hop on. GT = Sleeprage
  11. Zombie Stomp will only help you if you pay him (not for free as he's said on here). He just told me so over Xbox live... Which is a violation of the xbox terms and conditions. Pretty shady.
  12. I am looking to boost covenant items, message: Gamertag = Sleeprage EDIT: Still looking on 25/3/2018
  13. hi i can help people boost framing for covenants. Message Gamertag: Sleeprage
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