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  1. WTS Racial Motifs 9: Argonian or maybe trade for one I don't yet have, also perfect roe. Please message on XBL: girl poison or in-game mail: Navilus.
  2. From what I've been told you don't receive xp for any quests completed or mobs defeated 5 levels above or below your current level. This means at level 17 you need to focus on quests and enemies between levels 12-22. You can have someone join your party and help you do quests in these ranges and kill enemies, you should still receive xp for them, but if they carry you through a high level area, you won't get anything for it.
  3. Just looking for people to run dungeons with...I love this game but I struggle to find anyone willing to group. So far I've only been able to do one four person dungeon. Currently level 21 DK on NA Daggerfall. gt = girl poison
  4. Just wanted to go ahead and confirm here that the achievement DOES unlock after completing the final escape. If you've kept your saves, you should be able to get Elitist after downloading the patch.
  5. Any information on whether or not the patch will fix it from where it's not popping on exisiting saves? I actually kept my no death/ability/speed run play saved at the final escape, would be great news if it did.
  6. Just finished the no ability/death speed run play through, at the end the achievements popped for no deaths and speed run, but not "Elite"...I deleted all my saves before starting a new one as to not mess up this achievement but it still did not work...any thoughts?
  7. It popped for me during my second playthrough. I was worried it was permanently glitched. Just have the no ability speed run left to 1k this. Thanks for the advice, though!

  8. Especially if you have not finished your no ability/deaths and speed run playthroughs. I re-watched the ending cut scene (for the feels) and it marked my last active save as "Completed" and now it is inaccessible. I had an extra save not too far from my active one, and most people in my situation probably will, but just figured I'd share so there would be no surprises. http://gyazo.com/fae49018bd36487c5a3492d2cc1472e1
  9. Hey is your "World at your Feet" achievement for Ori still stuck at 87%? I had the same problem. If you have a file saved right before entering Mount Horu, go in and climb to the top, enter the right door and grab the map fragment in the secret area, then go place it. This worked for me, I'm not sure if you can continually gain progress for the achievement on one file like you can with No Stone Unturned, or if that particular map in Horu was glitched. If you are able to do this please let me know of the outcome, good luck :)

  10. This worked great for me. I used the No Stone Unturned guide here on the forum plus a map someone posted, where I marked every secret found right up to the last one (which was the bottom right of Mount Horu for me). The achievement was stuck at 90%. After saving/reloading the file and backup file four times, it popped. Thanks for the information! EDIT: Is this achievement particularly buggy as well? I don't see any information on it getting glitched or sections not counting but when I finished the game my achievement for "World at your Feet" was at 87%. There are only 8 map stones and I'm pretty sure I got them all. After the ending credits rolled I loaded up my save right before entering Mount Horu, climbed to the top and grabbed the map stone in the first area. Went to the secret area where you place it, and the achievement popped. I unlocked the map yesterday when I first entered Mount Horu, so there are two possibilities: one, I missed one somewhere else and you can glitch this achievement the same way (but I really don't think I missed one, I definitely got the one in Forlorn Ruins) or two, it is buggy and it's best to save before placing each map stone and make sure they count.
  11. Thanks, I'm particularly paranoid (about everything in life) so I guess I'll re-do the Ginso Tree just in case I missed a secret.
  12. Can anyone confirm this? I've seen someone else post that they *think* they don't count. I have Ginso Tree at 100% but I missed one spirit container (honestly didn't see it at all) on the last section. Also, I'm a little foggy on this part, do secrets count toward the 100% completion of a map, or not? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Looking for someone to do the 3-star Insane co-op run. Also need to get "Party People" so if anyone is in the same boat, please send me a PM.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, it's been a while since I visited X360A. I sent the list to the email you provided, remember you need some kind of software that will allow you to view/edit spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, although there should be some free programs available online.

  15. When you go to select the level 4 stages it says right at the bottom you need the DLC to play them.
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