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  1. Ok, I was going to do some editing later so I will change that up. Yeah the autosave feature seems to be a little random in spots. First time I died in the Geothermal plant it sent me all the way back to edge water then the next time I was right at the door. Glad you got it though bud. Cheers Pants, just got the award.
  2. Monarch: This will be the first really challenging section since the Geothermal Plant. You will need to kill both Sanjar and Graham then escape the respective towns. It can be tricky but it's not impossible and will save you a ton of time. First thing we need to do is spend some points. You should have 80 available and a few perk points as well. First put 12 points into Dialogue to get your Lie skill up to 50, then bump it up to 70. Then we are going to bump our ranged up until Heavy Weapons hits 50 then throw the remainder of your points into it, should be able to get it to about 63 to give your grenade launcher some ooomph. Now grab the Toughness, Lone Wolf and resilient perks then we should be good to go. Once you get off the elevator from the landing pad go to the vending machines on the left. Clean out the adreno and heavy ammo but also grab some Buncha Nanners, Dervish Mist, Stimu-Lotion and Ambidextrine if they have any. Head over to the building where Sanjar hangs out, it's to the right of the alley you are in and has a huge neon yellow arch over the door. Open it up and from outside pop your TDD and blast him. This will go easier if you upgraded the GL to a plasma weapon. Once he is dead, turn around, go to your menu and pop all the items we just bought then use your inhaler to give you some HoT then book it for the door that is right ahead of you to exit the area. Now you have to run all the way to Amber Heights, hard for me to direct you but it's South - South/East from where you exit Stellar Bay. Once you get there you need to head into the Building that is pretty much right in front of you up the little hill and head upstairs to kill Graham. Once you enter the building take a second to close the door behind you, that will stop the heavy gunner who is sitting right outside the door from blocking it on your way out. Then just head upstairs and do the same as Stellar Bay. Pop TDD and light him up. Once he is dead, run down the stairs, out the door and for the gate to exit. Just pop your inhaler as needed. Again both of these steps could take a couple tries but your autosave points are close by and will save you from doing virtually every other quest on the planet. Now you gotta run all the way to Devil's Peak, again hard for me to direct you all the way there but it is South and West of Amber Heights. Once you get close enough your waypoint will change to point to it. There are a fair few enemies on the outside of the building but you can just run past them all, popping your heal as needed. Obviously choose to run up ramps over the slower ladders and dodge melee attacks if they come at you. The waypoint marker will lead you right to a door to get inside. There are enemies in the next few rooms but you can melt them with the launcher, kite them into corridors when needed and just heal as you go. It's not too hard. Follow the quest all the way through to the end and rebooting the tower for Hiram then fast travel back to the ship and head to Akande's pad again. Edgewater: Once you have spoken to her you will be asked to go back to Edgewater to help destroy the town. Head back over there and from the landing pad run straight over to the Geothermal plant. Grabbing heavy ammo and Adreno from any machines along the way. In this area you just need to follow the quest steps. There is nothing really special about it. The only semi-difficult part will be fighting the robots back in Edgewater. It's not too hard with the launcher and you can find Ludwig cowering behind a box near the entrance, walking up to him will make him start to fight them as well. Just spend some points getting your lie skill up to 75 and thrown the rest into your heavy weapons to make the fight easier.You can also pick up the Few Bits More and Run and Gun perks to help you with ammo and the mech fight. Once you are done here you will earn the Ludwig Was Right achievement and that's it, smooth sailing from her on out. You don't have to fight one single more enemy from here to the end of the game. Ending: Follow the path the game lays out for you now. You will end up on the Hope where you can choose to skip it into the sun for the Sunburn achievement if you don't have it yet but you will end up back at your last save and have to run through the hope again. Once you skip the Hope to Tarturus, before you head down there stop and respec your points so you can get your Intimidate skill up to 100, put anything you have left into other dialogue skills. With Intimidate 100 you can get a shroud ID card from the guard who messages you enabling you to walk through the entire level without issue. Once you get to Phineas you can use dialogue options and the high temperamenta you specced at the beginning to avoid even the final boss fight of the game and grab your Supernova achievement.
  3. I'll write this with the intention of doing it as fast as possible, IE running instead of fighting etc and try to point out when and where you need to put your skill points to talk your way out of things. I know for a fact following this will get you at least the achievements for Supernova, Hard, The Cartographer, Ludwig was Right and Sunburn (optional but you will have the right set up for it) with minimal effort. You can loot if you want to but it's not needed, the only thing I would say you should try to do is get a mod so you can upgrade the grenade launcher mk II you will be using to a Plasma weapon, this will melt the enemies in the only fights you really need to be in later on. Technically this can be done in 45 minutes, realistically with a little trial and error it should take no longer than 3 hours. Character Creation: Strength - Below Average Dexterity - Very High Intelligence - Below Average Perception - Very High Charm - Below Average Temperament - Very High Bonus points into Dialogue and Stealth, aptitude point in Medical Technician, Junior Grade. Edgewater: From the beginning of the game just run, run until you get to the cave and grab your gun then you can run past all the enemies. Once you fall off the last little ledge instead of talking to Mercer, hug the right side until you are inline with the ship then just run under the door and you can interact with it from there to get in the ship.Once you have talked with ADA and leveled up put your first point into the 'Cheetah' perk so you can sprint faster, then exit and head to Edgewater. If you head east you will come to a little valley with corpses and be able to collect a revolver from the ground that will pack a little more punch than the weapon you have now. once you get to Edgewater head straight to Reed Tobson office and talk with him to advance the quest, you don't need to recruit Parvati. **OPTIONAL** If you do recruit Parvati you will then have the option to recruit Max which will make hacking Gladys' safe on the Groundbreaker a little quicker later on but it is totally doable without him. After talking with Reed, head down the elevator and exit the canary, hang a right and head to the exit over there. Ignore the way point and head straight to the Geothermal plant, just cut off the road to the left right before the first building and you will reach the plant. Once there you can jump over right corner of the fence from the little outcrop and head through the door there. This is the first tricky part as you will have to fight 2 enemies with just your pistol/revolver but you should have gotten a save as you entered the plant. In the first room to the right of the door behind some boxes will be a Mechanical Sentry you need to kill, you can kite him a little if you need to and just aim for the blue weak spot when it shows. After you kill him head over to the door where the waypoint is, open that and there will be one combat drone to kill. This one is a little easier because you can use the door way as cover. Head to the waypoint and try to use the terminal, this should make the three consoles you need to activate show up as way points which will make the next part easier. Turn around head back through the corridor and head down the stairs on your right head through the door to the left, use the terminal to open the main door. This next part you can just run through ignoring the enemies and popping your adreno when you need to heal. Run to all 3 of the consoles, turn them on then run back to the main console. Choose to redirect the power to the Botanical Gardens then exit through the same door you came in. You can use the boxes in front of you to jump the fence again and avoid any mechs on the outside. Head back to Edgewater, before you head to the way point you need to up some skills. You should have 20 points available so bump up your dialogue by 15 points and your Stealth skills by 5. Head to the waypoint and talk to Tobson, because we just bumped out intimidate skill up you can make him call off the guards and just walk in and grab the power regulator. Fast travel back to your ship and install it to advance the story. Groundbreaker: Once all the story stuff is done you will end up on the Groundbreaker. Deal with the customs guy and head over to Gladys. If you walk right into the corner where her safe meets the wall and crouch you can hack it safely. You may get seen and approached once, you can lie your way out and just hack it quickly again. If it didn't work the first time, this second one should work fine as they will be walking away from you and not looking. The very first thing in there is the seal for Udom so grab that quickly and get out. If they become hostile, reload your latest save and try again. Took me 2 tries to nab it. Head over to Udom's office and agree to Turn in Welles. He will say he needs the seal so hand it over and punch your Ticket to Byzantium. Fast travel back to the ship and head to Akanda's landing pad on Byzantium. Byzantium: Just head up to the main offices and talk to Pervical/Akande to grab the Demolished Woman quest. Head down the main elevator behind you and out of the building. Head through the archway straight ahead and down the steps. Hang a right then your first left and head across the bridge, you should be heading to a building called Billingsly's. As you head over the bridge, look down and to the left and there will be a doorway with a green neon strip over it. Hop down there and there will be an elevator to the left down to the maintenance tunnels. Head out of the elevator, through the door on your right, follow the corridor to the left and head straight into the big room in front of you. At the back of this room behind the piece of machinery to you left is Rachel, shoot her [The Cartographer] and loot her for some bits and the key to her office. Head back up the elevator and go through the left door way instead of going left to the waypoint go right and down the stairs. The building to the right at the bottom is a weapons shop, head in there and over on the left is a MK II Grenade Launcher just sitting there for you to steal, grab it and talk your way out of it with the guard. Now head to the waypoint, into the building, up the elevator, into her office and grab the documents from the desk. Fast travel back to your ship. The grenade launcher will be your primary weapon, so from now on whenever you see a vending machine clean them all out of Adreno and Heavy Ammo. Make your way back to Akande, buy the best armor you can from the vending machine in front of her elevator, along with aforementioned items. You will probably need some food and drink by now too if you haven't used any yet. Turn the quest in, go back to the ship and head for Phineas' lab. Phineas' Lab/Byzantium: Just run to the comms terminal and send the signal then head back to the ship. Go back to Akande's landing pad and go see her again. Before you leave the ship, if you haven't already, grab the shroud from your room, you will need it soon. Talk to Akande and Percival to advance then fast travel back to your ship and head to the Stellar Bay landing pad.
  4. I did my Supernova run in under three hours using a modified version of a speed run. Didn’t need any companions, only used one weapon after the first forty minutes or so and there are only 2 real fights you need to get through. I can try to flesh out something more descriptive if anyone is interested.
  5. Staff had 142 with 13 members, Site had 183 with 21 members (2 non scorers). If we had taken the top 13 scorers from the Site team to even up the numbers they would have been on 157. So it would have been much closer. Take it further and just use the top 10 from each and it would have put Site on 137 and staff on 135.
  6. Just a few observations from me. As most people will have noticed I haven't been around the site much lately, lots of personal issues that I won't get into, but this kind of fell nicely for me to be able to play a little more so I joined. Due to my own circumstances I would have to say than mandatory participation for staff would not only be unfair to the team as a whole but to the people who have legitimate reasons to not be able to join. If this happened a month ago I would not have even be able to even reach the minimal participation that I achieved. Brian and the rest of the staff have been very considerate and understanding with what has been going on with me and have let me keep my position despite not being able to be here as much as I might want to. There are plenty of reason they could have just politely let me go and I would have understood but I don't think non-participation in a tournament should be one of them. Frag questioned the need to gather more data this year with the site team handicap, in Bear's defense I do think it was necessary, this is only the second year we've done this and we kind of needed to see how it would pan out with some method to offset the numbers advantage. It sounds like last year for the staff was pretty much how some of the site guys felt this year. We went hard in round 1 but we were still far behind and it just took the wind out of our sails going into round 2 because it felt like the numbers advantage was insurmountable. Bear already admitted that it was not the best way to go about, but as we all know hindsight can be a bitch sometimes, I have faith that Bear and the CET will come up with a better way of offering balance next year. Similarly, and I am not trying to call out any site members for not stepping up or anything, but how could we have possible forseen the lack of leadership this time around that Frag pointed out? Yes, the way Dirty stepped up last year and the qualities he showed were a big factor into why he was asked to join the CET but it's not like we did it to handicap you further. Congrats to the staff team on their win and the MVP's.
  7. GT : Metabolic XBA Games: World II: Hunting Boss [CONFIRMED (bigbear)] Final Achievements: Legend of the Hunter King Confirmed Total: 1
  8. I went to play Batman: Arkham Knight a few months ago and couldn't for the life of me figure out why the Batmobile was going to slow, I come close to any of the time trails, I couldn't even get to the top of a hill without boost. Turns out I had hair trigger set on my elite so I was never pushing the throttle all the way down. ><
  9. There are only 9 districts that you can actually take over I believe. One of the ones on the map, the swamp, can not be controlled. It doesn't effect the achievements at all.
  10. I don't think they meant the console itself, just that it was mentioned and speculating what kind of chip AMD would be supplying.
  11. I could go for a bit of OW if you will be playing in the late evening.
  12. Survival of the Fittest 50:1gs: Equip the Shark Fin Topper and win an Unfair Bot Match
  13. Sorry mate, head must have been up my ass when I read this, you don't even need a 20 kill streak for that achievement. You're right, Hard Carry needs to be 20 'Slayed [x]', it's Bounty Hunter that only the streak number counts for I believe. I'll change it now.
  14. Haha, cheers mate. Merry Christmas, hope you had a good one.

  15. That's not how I got it, I've never had a true 20 kill streak outside of bot matches, I will try it again on my second account and see how it goes.
  16. I really enjoyed my time playing FFXV, I agree that the story was not ground breaking and at the end of it I found myself thinking '10 years they have been making this and that was the best they could come up with' but the game itself I think is great. There are little things here and there I wished were different but I got used the them. The combat for example, I would much rather it be turn based, I would prefer the summon system be something you could choose to do rather than being so random. I guess that was so deeply tied to the story it had to be the way it was. The XP system wasn't great but I learned to play around it, I would just do all the side quests I could then go dump a huge amount of exp so I could play through the story without having to worry about wasting it by camping for a better boost etc. I ended up hitting lvl 99 with Noctis before I finished chapter 13 but at least I didn't have to choose between losing XP and getting a beneficial buff or skipping a night section. Mostly though it's the first FF game since FF X that I want to keep playing after I'm done, not only with the story but pretty much the achievements too, right now I am halfway through the Pitioss Ruins going for the Black Hood, then I am going to go for the 5 ultimate weapons and probably take on the secret door dungeons. It's been a while since I have played a game that wasn't MP focused just to play it and not just stop once the achievements are done.
  17. 8/10 without boosting, possibly even 10/10 unless a an easier way to get Last One Standing legit is discovered. 2/10 with boosting.
  18. While most of the game can be boosted there are a couple of achievements that just take time. Also if you are unable to boost it could take a lot longer for Last One Standing.
  19. Guide is complete for now, I will update it as and when any changes are made to the Alpha build that may alter any methods used for the achievements.
  20. Trying to get something lined up for this weekend, I'll let you know if I can fill it up or not. You said you can dual box yeah?
  21. How many games have you played? You need to play 5 against bots I believe before it will let you play against human players and unlock achievements. If you have played more than five, quit out and close the game then reload it.
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