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  1. I won't be able to play this that soon, but I'm afraid of doing so. Apparently despite the decent critic reviews, many users are saying that the game has been oversimplified, dialogue is not that efficient or great, there's lack of emotion, the world is not as RPG-like, too much blandness copied from previous games, etc. Honestly, when I read the Xbox Achievements review, and he said that he didn't like Fallout 3 or New Vegas, but he liked this one, I feel like I'm going to dislike this one. For that to happen, they clearly had to have made some sharp changes, making it more mass-appealing it seems... I definitely don't think I'm going to enjoy the simplified dialogue though. I'd much rather have larger, more interesting conversation, and get rid of the main character voice acting.
  2. UPDATE: Alright, so apparently I can't buy any proper plane. I just went and tried to buy the Duster to see what would happen. It deducts the exact price for the Duster, then when I get the email, it tells me that my Shamal has been delivered. Great... --------- Original Post: Well, guess I won't ever be able to buy a Mallard considering the game won't get any more updates. Not sure if this happens to anybody else, but I bought a hangar at the Los Santos Airport for Michael, and got the email confirmation and everything. Shortly after, I bought a Mallard online (and the 1 million+ deducts from my account and I see the confirmation page!). After sleeping a few times, I check my email, and it tells me that my Frogger was delivered to my helipad. What? So I go to the airport and nothing's in the hangar. I go to the helipad, and a Frogger isn't there either. I reloaded my save, and tried buying the Mallard again. Same thing happens...
  3. Edit: The game fixed itself when I reloaded. I tried to see if I could delete the thread, but guess not!
  4. Same here. I have SEVEN different tabs (and actually different pages) open for the site, but that ad popped up on EVERY one and is blocking things.
  5. I don't have that many games left to play, but I'm still not sure. The largest game I have left on the 360 that I haven't played yet is Grand Theft Auto V. But I have about 10-15 games between physical copies and some digital ones that I haven't touched yet and just haven't had time anywhere recently to play. Even once I finish those, I will probably go back to some older games and mess around for achievements or finish DLC I didn't complete, like with Fallout 3 or Skyrim.
  6. I'm replying to this post waaaaaaaaay late, because I joined the conversation and then left. Even though it's ages ago and irrelevant, oh well, I'll still post, haha. I haven't played The Witcher 2 or Inquisition, though I've played the original Witcher and the previous two Dragon Age games. But overall, I have played a tooooooooonnnnnnnnn of RPG games throughout the years, from Super Mario RPG on the SNES, to Paper Mario RPG games, Earthbound, Final Fantasy games, Fable, KOTOR, Dark Souls, Chrono Trigger/Cross... There's really a lot and no point in my going on in a list because let's just say that I've played 100's of RPGs. But despite having played so many, I honestly still find the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls series the most flat-out fun. If I had to pick any RPG to just play, I would pick Fallout 3, followed by Morrowind. I mean, there are many RPG games that have sooooooo much involvement (even if things got tossed along the way) like the Mass Effect series, which is amazing. But I will still be playing Fallout and Elder Scrolls for years and years and years. Even though both of them are very damn similar in gameplay (except for the first two Fallout games, which are also great), there is just something about them that I love and makes me pretty much always want to play them.
  7. Yeah, I never played stealth in Fallout. You are in a dangerous world where you need to fight to survive, not easily sweep through murdering everything. Granted, I guess it fits more if you are to invade a certain base or something. But for the most part, I just loved going guns blazing or with weapons like the Shishkebab. Stealth fits more in Elder Scrolls obviously, but you are super overpowered there. I don't play stealth in that either, because I find it more fun with the exploration and being a strong knight or mage, facing the unknown, than just creeping about. I have a friend who plays Elder Scrolls by stealth but does it with ramped up difficulties, and it's annoying to see him take nearly 30 minutes sometimes to properly stealth through a single room with a couple of enemies, so he can properly kill them.
  8. Yeah I just tried going on there and noticed this and the fact that Xbox One is down again. So basically Xbox Live has been generally fucked up in one way or another (mostly on the consoles) for 1-1/2 or more weeks in this year alone... nearly half of the month it's been.
  9. I don't have an Xbox One but for some reason couldn't login to Xbox.com to look at things, and I saw the status says Xbox stuff on any other device (except the 360--I don't know, haven't turned mine on yet) is messed up. I can't say about the Xbox One, but the Xbox 360 has had a lot more problems ever since the Xbox One came out, much more than it did ever before online. I mean, Xbox Live was already broken on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One for like 1-1/2 weeks and got fixed, what, like 4 days ago? *knock on wood* Hope my 360 is fine when I turn it on in a minute. But you have to love that consoles with so many online features are always broken because the simple necessity of being online isn't working.
  10. Yeah, been that way since Wednesday night, at least for me. I tried to go to anything on the marketplace and nothing worked... Right now I actually have free time to get things and play them, but I can't
  11. Yeah, the Xbox 360 has already had these problems for 2 days. I couldn't access anything Wednesday or Thursday. Even if I go to Game Details, nothing shows up for games. And no searches return results, etc.
  12. I think the most annoying thing now is a double-edged sword: (1) My business lately and inability to play that often, which ties to (2) My dead friends list. Over half of my friends list is dead, in that they haven't been online in years. Then the other half of my friends list is not "dead" but they basically are to my account, because they've all moved to Xbox One and don't touch their 360's anymore. I don't want an Xbox One, and never will, but it still pisses me off to this day that 360 players can't see their Xbox One friends, other than the notice that they are online. Because I intend to stick with my 360, I really need to get some new people on my friends list so that when I'm able to play more often again, I'll actually feel like there is life in my list.
  13. I am staying with the Xbox 360 until I'm "completely" done with it. I have no intentions of ever getting an Xbox One. I have a backlog of 30+ games and DLC that I have but just simply haven't had time to play, which will take me a while. In that are things like Skyrim DLC and Grand Theft Auto V and Final Fantasy XIII, so I will be playing the system for a good while. As far as games I haven't bought yet, I think I only have 5 left: Dark Souls II; Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII; Tales from the Borderlands; The Evil Within; and Watch Dogs. Once I have completed my backlog and those other 5 games, then I will be "finished" with the Xbox 360 entirely. I have recently switched over to PC gaming (I used to be a PC gamer many years ago) and will continue from there, as I have outgrown the console world, particularly because of the many issues that I have had over the years (especially with Xbox and Xbox 360), and I don't want to continue buying and re-buying new systems. I will still play my Xbox 360 for as long as it lives, because even if I finish all of those games above, I still have many games that I want to replay or clean up achievements for. Even if I will "end" my console gaming, I still want to rack up as much achievements as I can for my Final Gamerscore! Because of that, I hope that support for the Xbox 360 lasts at least a good 3 or 4 more years. By that time, I will have completed everything, I imagine. Then, if I feel like it years from now, I will just pop in games and play some old single-player campaigns that I've missed, such as Gears of War. My biggest disappointment will be the inability to play those games online anymore down the road.
  14. Bumping a slightly older topic, but the forum isn't that active: PURCHASE. For anybody with such a question. Now, I didn't pay $60 for it. I got it for about $30. But I'm glad I purchased it. The game was REALLY fun, and if you really are a big South Park fan, you'll love it just as much as I do. It is also a really good game, and not just a South Park cash-in. I beat the game to 100% in about 20-something hours. But I already want to replay the game because it was so fun. Sadly, I don't have the time lately.
  15. I've never understood why people argue that paying X for Y amount of time (especially small amounts) is good. I mean... honestly, if this DLC was only 1 hour, I would only pay like $1.00 for it. I could spend $10 on other games/expansions far more worth my time. I only buy things full-priced that are supposed to be worth it (e.g., Skyrim, GTA IV, GTA V, Red Dead, BioShock games, etc.). Again, that all comes down to opinion, but most of those games I listed are well worth the money in content alone, but they're also usually well-crafted pieces. However, I would not really buy this DLC if the work put into it seems that cheap (even if you can still "enjoy" it to a bit). As far as the comment about about paying $30+ for movies... You can't really throw that argument about because it assumes that the person complaining about the game/DLC/etc. does what you say. But for me personally, I never really go to the movies. I go maybe a handful of times a year, if there's a film I REALLY want to go see or hear is a masterpiece. And even then, I usually go matinee and pay maybe $10 or less, without wasting money on anything else. Anyway... semi-long tangent rant here where I just jumped in, but was just reasoning against the people who try to justify this kind of stuff.
  16. Far Cry 2 was the weakest of the series, but I wouldn't say that you should pass completely. I still enjoyed the game when I played it. Yes, it can be boring at times, but I also thought that Far Cry 3 got boring a lot at times too. However, the original Far Cry (and its mini-expansions) stayed pretty action-packed and fun, simply because they were more linear, at least that I remember. In any case, I'd say you should pick up all of the games in the Far Cry series.
  17. Yeah, I was trying to wait it out and see if the pass goes on sale. It's stupid that the individual pieces are on sale, but buying the pass is still cheaper. Also, looks like Dishonored gets the vote. I'm trying to get ideas and also see if anything goes on sale (as I usually don't buy things until they're on sale unless I really want them). I figure Saints Row III won't ever go on sale again, and someone recommended against it--but I might get it anyway at some point, maybe if I have money left over after everything else. Dishonored is a yes. And Citadel is a yes, but I wish that would go on sale too!
  18. Ba-duh... My bad. Guess I totally blew right past that thread. ----- It looks like I'll get the Dishonored DLC with Daud, ME3: Citadel, and Tiny Tina's Assault for BL2. I actually have Ballad of Gay Tony--I just totally forgot that I did. Again, I have a ton of games that I haven't played in a while but still mean too, but life in the past year or so has really ramped up so I'm not on the console as much as usual. I'm kinda saving up for a little time when I can go full-on gaming. Sounds like the Dishonored ones are getting the most votes!
  19. So I don't want to make this post long-winded, but I have some MSP/$ cards left over to use and it's a good bit. I'm trying to figure out the best DLC's (and perhaps arcade games) to use them on. Note that certain "big" games like Trials and such, I'm not really interested in. I'm trying to be a little frugal as I want some left-over for new games (perhaps DLC for Watch Dogs, etc., and for buying things like Tales from the Borderlands). I don't know really how to ask this generally as I can't sit here all day saying what I have and I don't have, but if anyone would be kind to look at my games log, they can eliminate from there. Even if some games I haven't played in a while, that doesn't mean I'm really done. I haven't played Skyrim in forever, for instance, but I have purchased all of the DLC and want to play it at some time soon, when I get the chance. My latest purchases (but this goes back a while): Games on Disc: GTA V, Saints Row IV, Batman Origins, The Bureau, Gears of War Judgment, and Splinter Cell Blacklist Saints Row IV Season Pass State of Decay Brothers Walking Dead: 400 Days Assassin's Creed III Season Pass Skyrim Season Pass Arkham City: Harley Quinn (this ends back in 2012) So that tells you of the "new" stuff I've purchased and haven't played yet. Some things I'm looking at getting but not sure of are: Mass Effect 3: Citadel BioShock Infinite Season Pass Dishonored DLC Saints Row 3 DLC Dead Space DLC (?) If anybody has the time to look around at my profile, could you let me know (a) what DLC is just plain awesome that I'm missing, and (b) what of that last list is worth it? I know these questions are awfully broad but there's a lot of DLC and content for games that I've skipped over the years saving for money--and now my console gaming is probably ending as the 360 heads out over the next years. There aren't many new games I plan on buying so I want to go back and grab some things I skipped before. There's a lot I can't remember.
  20. Well, to give slightly more constructive criticism this time, as some people have said, you need way more definition. The current layout and look seem like someone was in the process of changing everything but then stopped and didn't finish. Too much of a sea of white and solid color with just random blocks floating around with no clear definition. And I don't like that most things which technically belong to one object still share the background color, which ruins the definition of what they belong to (e.g., achievements, news posts, etc.).
  21. When it comes to the way something looks, like this, time doesn't always matter. Some things can be just odd and take a little getting used to, but it doesn't have to be a matter of time if you already hate most styles like this. As I said, I hate "Metro" / Windows 8 / Xbox One / new Xbox.com, etc. So time won't do anything for the site for me. Again, I'm not trying to be some pessimistic guy, but it just doesn't jive with me at all. Sorry again, guys.
  22. Okay, not trying to be the random dick here, as I've been on this site for a long while and love it. But honestly, I think the new look is terrible. But I basically hate all of the new modern looks: Windows 8, Xbox One, and I didn't like the "Metro"-style change to the Xbox 360 Dashboard back when they first did it. I think the site just looks bland, too boring and blocky, and just looks like mush. As much of a modern guy as I am, I really hate all of these "modern" stylings by trying to do "simple" and "sleek" when they really look like crap. I'm really sorry guys, but I hope I'm not the only one who is of this opinion.
  23. FYI, my post wasn't anything like theirs. Just because I said the word "bitching" didn't mean my entire post was being a backseat moderator like other people here--in fact, half of my post was telling those people to be quiet, and the other half was related to the topic of this thread. So you could also read posts before assuming that and going on like you did. No, this post of mine doesn't serve much of a purpose at this point either--but basically that's going to keep going in a circle over and over if you reply again, etc. But I just wanted to point the above out. Read people's posts.
  24. I partially understand people bitching about this thread needing to be in the bitching thread (the irony). Because they don't want shit getting cluttered, among other things. Also, BiggD, you seem to be just what your name implies -- a dick. You don't need to be such a sarcastic asshole. I don't actually mean this with full hostility -- just continue reading my post please. However, I don't really read the bitching threads nor do a good amount of people. Depending on the size of the thread, you wade through a bunch of comments of people having meaningless things to bitch about before you find anything useful, if it exists, or a critique, etc. In this case, I bought the game but won't be playing it for a while as I have other things to do. When I play GTA, I want to be able to invest constant time into it. But this thread is a helpful point, because I honestly haven't read much about the Online and didn't know that it allowed for shitfests like people seem to be bringing up. I don't want to be in my open world and having people killing me for shits and giggles, blowing my things up, etc. People say to use passive mode, but as someone has pointed out, passive mode doesn't work for your vehicles or when you're in a vehicle. :EDIT: But evidently the other person's info was partially wrong, as it was because a given player pulled out a weapon. Again, haven't played the game, so I was going off of their info!
  25. You mean way early in development, I figure? I didn't follow Borderlands super early, but when I did start following it, it had the cartoony style, so I guess it must've been some time ago.
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