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  1. I've finished the game and I'm currently in post game mode, but I cannot work out how to get in to the section of the map with the Tomb of the Torturer, Architect and Pharaoh Any help greatly received EDIT:- Solved it, you have to go back in the shrine of Osiris interior and move the outer bar so it points to the snow/ice section and this places an ice bridge allowing travel to theses maps, (If you stand on the pressure pad it removes the portcullis and you can move the bar away from the ice in the interior again allowing access to this area, i think I should had done this going through the story)
  2. yeah Im confused with the hosting as well any help much appreciated
  3. Is the co-op local only ? Online/xbox live there looks to be team versus mode but no coop ?
  4. There is a game mode called blackball and its the UK version of pool red and yellow balls along with 2 shots for a foul. beware the MP is strange at the moment, your opponent plays a shot a 5 seconds later you see the shot on your screen and visa versa hopefully the devs release a patch to fix this extensive SP tho'
  5. This game starts off as a real fun experience and looks like a stress free experience but it gets very frustrating very quickly, well for me anyway. 3 star all races achievement 200GS Im finding very difficult Beating all bosses most frustrating 100gs which need to be completed before you can unlock purchase all vehicles 100gs, which should be called own all vehicles as looks like you need the boss vehicles for this to unlock. In general a very lazy approach from the developers regarding cheevos The MP cheevos are easy and this is where all the fun is hiding its a brilliant online experience. EDIT:- Cleared all the boss elimination battles which pops the purchase all vehicles achievements as well as the beat bosses achievement, these battles are very random some took ages the next one first try Not going to bother 3 staring every race I haven't got the skills. patience or time. Going to enjoy the fun of MP by far the best part of this game
  6. the only local MP versions are, versus, survival and hero survival the campaign is clearly in a single player mode unsure about unlocking the cheevo in coop
  7. Is there anyway to save your characters costumes / set ups ?
  8. great advice, I finished it off in no time after using your method
  9. started to work through all the maps again on normal golding them all.... and both Alien Tears and Planet Defender popped at "checks and Balances" so not sure if scores/golds are being recorded all the time?
  10. Completed all the missions on Normal and gold medalled them all but to achievement for Alien Tears 10 Earn a gold medal on every mission in Story mode. Planet Defender 30 Earn a silver medal (or better) on all missions in the Story mode.
  11. Absolute disgrace, the 360 was the lifeblood of the original, the reward 2 fingers and FU get a XBO Very poor choice especially with the amount of 360's out there
  12. very solid tower defence game, they haven't messed about too much with the winning formula of the original Not checked out the MP yet
  13. its out on Steam now, soon for XBO hopefully
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