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  1. I have a very modest collection of probably around 50 or so. Half of them are opened and are in various spots around my room. I didn’t really consider them being worth anything when I first started collecting them so I was opening a lot of them for awhile. No idea what my most valuable one would be, maybe I’ll look it up and see.
  2. Haha, this was fantastic. You done with with the "Bike Park?" Looks good! Haven't been around much lately and probably wont be around much until after the holidays. Hope everyone has a Happy Holidays! Spend time with family, play too many games and eat too much food!
  3. I think my wife is working the evening shift on New Years Eve, so I'm down for some shenanigans!
  4. Ah, sorry man. I misunderstood how the family account stuff works.
  5. Pretty sure you can have a "family" account or something like that. So you make another GT that is attached to your main one and then you can sign into that on one console and your main on the other.
  6. I started up Dying Light for what I think is my 4th try. For some reason I just can not get into this game. Seems like something that I should love but it isn't grabbing me at all. I'm only a couple of hours in. So I'm going to keep trying to push through and see if it grows on me.
  7. As if my thanksgiving meal wasn't enough, for some reason we got showered in pies and baked goods this year from friends and family. My stomach has been in shambles the past two days. It has known nothing other than apple pie, cookies, and milk. Honestly, though..... no regrets.
  8. I second this. I've had a Seagate harddrive ever since the Day One Xbox One and it's still going strong. Edit: This Halo Infinite event appears to be incredibly stupid. Essentially just another battle pass that I can apparently only do 2 challenges a day for and all it added was a Fiesta game mode. I really should just stop playing this game and come back in a year when it is hopefully decent.
  9. Having Jonathan Taylor on my fantasy team has been fantastic this season. Especially this week. The mad man scored 5 TDs with 185 rush yds. Packers were a bit of a disappointment. Crosby needs to get his shit together.
  10. Awesome and super impressive! Congrats!
  11. So Microsoft just sent me a $100 gift card through email. Thought it was a phishing scam at first but upon inspection it appears legit. And the money is in my account. So that’s cool. Need to start reading my emails more carefully. Wonder if I’ve ever deleted a gift card email assuming it was spam.
  12. I'll have to try this out this weekend as I've been looking forward to it. I've been addicted to New World on the PC lately. Which sucks because I have had almost no time to play it. Being an adult is so lame....
  13. Haha, yea. Figured most people don't check in on the site while they're gaming. Glad we all were able to get together and play. Had a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next time!
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