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  1. I feel like they forgot about the Mars gun when they made this achievement, lol. Either that, or couldn't figure out a way to nerf it, without taking away it ooo ahh power.
  2. I posted a 9. I have this on Steam, and it is quite difficult. A lot of trial and error. Even the game recommends you save every two minutes, as there is no auto save and it sucks to get through a hard part only to fail right after. I am on normal halfway through and it takes me about 1-1.5 hours per mission now, with 13 missions. To get all the badges will require some serious skill, as well as beating nightmare. Couldn't even begin to tell you how long it will take. Most of the achievements aren't grindy themselves, they are involved with doing x action in the world to specific missions. Oh, there is a guide on Steam for the achievements, the English grammar isn't always the best, but it is understandable. Whoever makes the guide for here, if you use his guide, please give the dude credit.
  3. So I beat the game, did all the strike points and didn't get the achievement for getting all of them, nor did I get the achievement for beating the game on Deathwish(Nor Hard or Normal). Fuck this, I'm out
  4. Add 10 enemies with traps and 100 with hacked drones to that list. I've killed 20+ with the barrel traps(Most horrible design ever), 20+ with the catapult, and 17 with the flamethrower wall. Personally counted 154 kills with drones I hacked.
  5. Anybody found a good spot for 5 kills with one molotov? I can't for the life of me get this. Instead of bunching up like good AI, the KPA soldiers keep some distance between each other in both combat and patrol, or if there are soldiers close together, there are never 5. Usually only 2-3. How dare they try and reduce casualties, I demand mindless bots to destroy. Anyone found a good way for this?
  6. Too self righteous for me. She talked about uplifting people, good of the nation, equality, then proceeds to become as Rahni stated ' A female Tony Montana", complete with executions of civilians and drug peddling. Sabal was waaaay to theocratic. Following religious dogma to a point, keeping his nation in medieval times. Since there was no actual good force in the game, I wanted to go with the one that amused me the most, and that was Pagan. He was truthful about himself, never lied to you, explained to you why he became like he was, and accepted that he was a sociopath, instead of trying to deny it. I definitely wanted to join him.
  7. Yeah, I assumed he would be a copy paste of Vaas, but he was unique and I loved him. Sabal and Amita were so boring and I really wanted to join Pagan.
  8. Elephant and tiger ambush on a Pagan's wrath convoy. Was wing suiting over to the convoy and as I got closer I noticed two elephants charging. When I landed to help my pachyderm brothers, a bear rushed enemies who bolted from their car. I literally watched, and got credit for the animals wiping out the convoy.
  9. Anyone want to go for the Bow? I have all the Phantom stuff done, and I have Karelia and the Whiteout tags.
  10. Vaas is one of my all time favorites, and now Pagan Min has joined him. He is a unique character to me, and I enjoyed his dialogue leagues more than boring Amita or Sabal. I wish I could have joined his side, considering the others were no better. Anyone else love Pagan?
  11. Loving it. While critics are eating into it(Like 3) about a foreigner slaughtering natives in a war they had no part to be in, I enjoyed it for its crazy action, and I love Min.
  12. I had the same thing. I downloaded the Patch, no cheevos. However, then I went to premium and downloaded Final Stand, which is its own file and after that the achievements popped up. I could play the maps prior tot hat download, but the achievements did not show until I downloaded it.
  13. I got to level 50 and gave up. I just don't have the time to get to 100. O well
  14. Honestly, I am waiting for the announcement that Heists will be next gen only.
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