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  1. Since the drop of the Operation 3 new achievements, the checkboxes either don't register or check off chievos that I never ticked. I know this has happened before, but I don't remember what the solution was or if it's just a glitch on the site that could be easily addressed if the right person is contacted. Anyone know? Edit: Nevermind, I fixed it by unchecking the achievements, disabling the game, removing it from my main checklist, and then starting from scratch.
  2. The special ability one can be done on any boss wave, including wave 10. As I recall, the abilities must be active as the boss dies. Further more. JD's ability doesn't work like the others. He must first mark a target and then hit "Y" to call down the strike. If he is present in the game, then ideally he would land the final blow to a boss when the other player's specials are active. Also, the campaign cheevo progress should be working fine at this point.
  3. You can refill rocket ammo for 80 coins, but you must run out of ammo before you can buy more.
  4. As of June 21st, 2019 I can confirm this still works. It didn't on the first attempt, but got it on the second. Here's what i did: Removed disc Uninstalled the game Loaded up another disc based game When into offline mode Installed the AW disc again Upon going back into Exo Survival, I got a message saying my save was corrupted Went ahead and deleted old save which resets progress/rank Played on Solo, Unlocked teir 2, used evevator glitch on Horizon Finished wave 51, let myself die on 52, 2(3) Did not exit game, go to main menu, or remove disc When back on the Exo Survival game start screen, Went back into the Xbox setting for network, and went back online Game automatically quits, and starts update Achievements popped around 28% of the update download The only differences between my first and second attemps were that I had now played the game online (and it was already on my profile), and that I started the update with the game running. I hope this helps anyone who has trouble with it. Surely it won't be patched at this point.
  5. Stuck at the same room and I'm playing on normal. It takes a lot for me to shut a game off in frustration, but this one has earned it. I find the combos too cumbersome to execute well, and the dodging is hard to pull off in time. Not to mention the whole swapping worlds thing during combat. This game has a lot of charm, but is more taxing than I expected from it's presentation.
  6. I'm curious about which ones myself. I'd be surprised to get a specific reply on a 5 year old game, but I'm just going for the base 1000G and am looking to get it done sooner than later.
  7. Guess I'm screwed on this, probably what I get for playing a 5 year old game. WTF? If anyone has more info on this awful glitch, please help! As soon as Nassau tries to load, I get booted straight to the home screen and have to relaunch the game to no avail. I'm willing to purchase the digital version if I knew for sure that it would work..
  8. Inconceivable for Scout class popped for me as soon as I started the update. Weird.
  9. This is certainly a curious subject. From what I understand, the glitch occurs because of the way the local game reads the server information, or in the case of a glitch - doesn't read it. The one cheevo I'm missing would take a bit of doing even if I had a fresh start, so I'll certainly wait until there's some more info before I get my hopes dashed again.
  10. Yeah, I love horde mode but getting even one class to level 10 takes a bit much, let alone all five. After beating all the maps once it starts to feel repetitious. This game has some awesome ideas, but completion demands some real grinding. After playing for just over a month, my friends and I all have some 500G+ for this game. I didn't really have to grind to get there, so I'm good with that until the next achievements are released.
  11. I'm surprised there's been no talk of it here. All previous original Gears releases had additional cheevos added through DLC. I figured this game would be no exception, but since all future maps will be free for public games, I'm wondering how they'll do it - if at all. Maybe they'll do it every 3 or 4 title updates, or perhaps with DLC that falls outside of the season pass. I'm curious if anyone has heard anything, and what your thoughts on the possibility are.
  12. So glad there's an explanation for this! Restarted checkpoint 3 times now figuring the game was glitched (which I guess it is). Now I just gotta find him...
  13. You're right I am late to the party, lol. The reason being to be honest, is that I really don't like the X1. It boggles my mind that some basic functionality that the 360 had years ago is still missing or half implemented on Xbox One. The fact that on my feed I can actually look at screenshots and videos posted by friends from my 360 as well makes me think that all we paid for was better graphics, but not necessarily a better console.
  14. I just got on my X1 to see if I had the update. Went to look at my achievement list on there and now a few XBLA demos from waaaay back have popped up on my profile with 0G! WTF!? They were not there a week ago and do not show when I sign on with 360. What the heck is going on? I heard there was a petition to sign on the xbox forums to bring back a way to delete games with zero gamerscore, but I can't find jack on that site.
  15. Anybody know if this is still a thing or am I'm just way too late? I can't find an option to link my account in-game so idk.
  16. It seems that there's usually a list available once a game goes gold, sometimes right before. Having a list a month in advance is uncommon, 3 months even more so. I feel that 1-3 weeks is the norm. That being said, I am surprised that we don't know more than a couple of achievements already; this IS Halo we're talking about here! I'm curious as to how well guarded developers are about these lists getting out too early though. I think one of the R* games, RDR I believe, had the list leaked way early and then they went to the trouble of actually changing most of them. That to me sounds sillier than actually chasing achievements. Anyway, the list will come soon and for us Halo fans it won't affect our purchase one bit. Enjoy the game guys.
  17. This inconsistency you speak of is exactly what my party and I have been running into. The damage factors seem to vary from game to game. We've mostly played KotH and we'll have one game where we can almost toy with the other team and the very next one some of us won't even get a kill; it's crazy!
  18. Same here. Played all the Gears online and definitely feel something's off. It's like one team will always be WAY better than the other. For 2 matches my party and I were completely untouchable, so I know there's something tilting the advantage, but what?
  19. Have to agree for the most part. Can I assume that "MM" means matchmaking? LOL, the MCC list seemed like a kitchen sink fuster-cluck. Nickel & dime achievements just for the sake of having lots to do misses the point. Especially for those of us who already completed those games on 360, save Halo 2. The usual 1000G with roughly 200-250 per title would have been fine. Hell, even having 99 cheevos like the old Orange Box would have satisfied, but instead they went WAY overboard.
  20. From what I've heard this is a symptom of retrieving your GT from XBL. Some games show a different tile picture depending on whether or not you've played the game yourself or if you're just looking at a friends played games list. Once you retrieve your profile it will revert back to the "un-played" default tile for any games you've already played. Strange that this feature exists and not many people know about it. I even believe that some regions get their own set of tiles for certain games, so I guess it's up to the developer.
  21. The similarities here are pretty blatant - with too many examples to list. That being said, I thought the demo showed mechanically solid gameplay, if not just a bit too candy-coated in theme. Might be worth picking up as a DotW or GwG. That is unless Nintendo takes notice and this thing disappears...
  22. Can I assume there may be a few cheevos that still require 4 players over LIVE, or will this work for all of them?
  23. I was also at 99.8%. Scanning around the map I mistook the Pumpkin Car for one of the landmarks because of it's unique shape. Make sure you don't make the same mistake. Also the info above IS correct about Harley Quinn's Motorcycle. You cannot actually collect it in the game world. It is a freebie for collecting all other vehicles.
  24. Just a quick question; how many players to start a match & how many are needed to actually complete the MP?
  25. Cheevo360 is known for his broken English around here. I understand his points, but he sometimes makes some good ones. I really wonder what his first language is. OT: Why developers would actually CHOOSE to put 99 achievements in a game is beyond me - regardless of MS now allowing it I guess. I mean, this isn't the Orange Box we're talking about here. Avatar: TBE had 5. Every now and then I'd like to see some major release get the "fuck it" treatment from a developer and just go with the minimum.
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