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  1. Sorry for your loss (GT) That does suck and is a little ridiculous IMO. I seen that other guy awhile back that had his changed but it was Suck MYd plz or some crap which I understand, yours I don't though. I was going to post this is your thread then I seen how off topic that got. I hate it when people like to go at each other in someone else's thread. Attention hounds. C ya around.

  2. Got the patch, haven't played any games yet.... Bummer if they didn't fix it
  3. For non hardcore games M4 with Holo Sight and FMJ Bling pro Stopping Power Pro Commando Pro (sometimes swapped for Ninja Pro) For hardcore games M4 with Holo Sight and Heartbeat Sensor Bling pro Cold Blooded pro Ninja pro
  4. Well either way I lost my GT
  5. So how do I change mygamercard to my "new" gt.... also is it possible to get a name change here on the forum
  6. apparently I cant love foxes
  7. ILoveFawkzes

    Wtf :|

    So I log in this morning, So appearently IloveFawkzes isnt acceptable anymore... and I have to change my gamertag, what kind of bs is this
  8. I was just wondering if there was any mode of play online that gives faster XP then other modes.
  9. Or you could sell any two of those for like 30$ each on ebay and get the game for free with the $60 cash
  10. Ive found 6 of the pearl tony pistols, without farming or duping, I kid you not. Im actually doubting that they are really that rare. every time ive got one its been from buying it in a vending machine
  11. its only supposed to be free to the people who bought the collector edition.
  12. Lol could be military background it just annoys me every time someone says clip instead of magazine
  13. grammar Nazi time All the guns in the game use magazines... NOT CLIPS. Also, there's no such thing as shooting a sniper... you shoot a sniper RIFLE, a sniper is the actual person trained to shoot the rifle.... Just had to vent that
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