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  1. I really don't understand what they are doing with this DLC! I can't even find a DLC menu: the game loads an autosave, then You can just play from last ckeckpoint or start a new game (normal or new game plus from extras menu). I guess it could still be made on purpose to give the PS3 version a limited exclusivity
  2. Any tips for 3 stars on last mission? I just need that, however I'm having some issue with sudden deaths: I usually am onehit-killed when I've to care of flamethrower juggernauts. May be I die because of the explosion of their tanks... I really don't understand!
  3. @ParoXysm QC I haven't still bought the game... Are there time trials or "don't get hit during a Boss fight" challenges? Thank You for your quick guide. Nice work
  4. Can We use more controllers? I didn't still try... We might get the same trick of Heavy Fire: more players = less damage taken.
  5. I agree Don't buy this garbage! I believed that it was Heavy Fire like (same developers). Aim system is awful and We even have a grenade spamming for gift. I keep dying on easy and normal difficulty, even if I fully upgraded my life and rage... We get only 3 attempts for level on hard! The last one is simply impossible with almost 0 checkpoints and a lot of Juggernauts and grenade spammers: in particular these bastards are very hard to spot and hit and a grenade takes 2/3 of our health bar! I just wasted 40 Euros for this shit. Finally the achievements are almost impossible because of the terrible scoring system. Ranking up takes forever.
  6. You'll be able to get 100%, but not 1000 gamerscore points. Don't buy the last DLC, don't waste your money! It didn't work for me: it's completely worthless about the spawn of social events.
  7. no hope I got 100% and played more than 60 hours. I just found a whale and two social chests, but no social royal convoy. Probably Ubisoft turned off social events because of some server issue.
  8. Both the achievements are definitely glitched. I tried the above trick, but it didn't ever work. 3 hours of my life wasted! All this is a joke, of course. I got two corrupted saves, 99% glitch because of some stupid concept arts (first of all, My Alibi Bar concept art glitch) and these glitched achievements now! It's just crazy, terrible!
  9. Beware, They'll give us just a scope, not the 1911! So We must still unlock it (what a pain in a...s!).
  10. Unfortunately the one per day trick isn't working anymore: today I played 2 "one shot one kill "games but I didn't get any ribbon
  11. It's the same trick of Dead Space 3 and Medal of Honor Warfighter: if We can save, We are able to copy our save files to an USB drive.
  12. So I can reasonably suppose We can do the same trick (backup our saves to USB drive) of Dead Space 3 or Medal of Honor Warfighter (hardcore mode)...
  13. Night mode is one life with no saves or checkpoints!
  14. I would buy the last dlc (Tower pack dlc), unfortunately I don't find it anymore on Marketplace: I just can find Ranger mode, Faction pack and the season pass... Why? was it removed? Update: I'm still getting an error code if I try to buy it from Metro LL shop!
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