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  1. same here. Its awesome because this game is so fucking glitchy when it comes to matching opponents. It doesn't freeze completely but it wont continue what it should. Ill just,have a background with music and no VS thing pop up. That or other various similar incidents. Then i have to dashboard. So fucking retarded
  2. So basically you have to finish 5 races without taking damage?

    Road Trip

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  4. I finally got it with the help of SideDish Spawn an SUV at the extraction point thats pretty much touching the figure 8, i think its at the top. When you get on the track go left and race that way. When going around corners, hold (B) to grip the ground. Also this is how i got it. http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/2274/10416269.png Stop at about the red. After a few seconds haul ass and grip around the yellow area, i cut off the orb going at about where the blue is. The diagram might be backwards, If it seems impossible on the side i describes try the other side. Its at the bottom of the hill.
  5. yeah, i was rank 3 in on of the races, im now like 20 and im rank 20 in another race too
  6. Its located in this figure-8 on the nothern part of Green Bay. http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2317/orbd.png I absolutely cannot catch this orb. I've been chasing this thing for 30 mins and still can't even get close to catching this damn thing. Has anyone caught this or have any tips on catching this? I would love to catch it so i can finally stop collecting renegade orbs. Cars used(and counting) SUV's- 5 Buggys-3 Supercars-1
  7. Cool, thanks, I'll have to try it.
  8. I've found a much simpler way to get the Yippee-Kai-Yay achievement. Request a a vehicle drop from a dropsite and get an SUV. Now call in another random vehicle so the helicopter returns. Now get in the SUV and have your friend pick you up. When the helicopter comes back, have your friend throw you into it. Also my friend and I thought of a smart tactic when going for vehicle stunt rings with a friend. Get proximity grenades. When thrown if you hold RB when they are mid air they stay there. Use this to mark stunt rings. Then just have your friend throw you through.
  9. That would be because there are several occurrences where more than one stunt ring are in the same area. Before you start a stunt ring chain, the first one will be green, and the next will be orange. They generally go in a straight path. When i did this achievement i did the exact opposite of the guide, i didn't glide to my rings. It just so happens if you use the wing suit like you should where you go into a nose dive and pull up the rings are spaced well enough that you don't need to glide through any.
  10. Try grabbing a helicopter from the agency helipad then fly around that area until you see a glowing blue light. Once you see it, For the love of God, follow that light! If that doesn't work, maybe its because you marked the wrong orb?
  11. I saw it numerous times in the demo. I think i only saw it once in the full game. Also occasionally it does spawn with turrets.
  12. Like Neo said, there are a lot of orbs. Orbs, stunt rings, and races are all time consuming but together can be done in about 1-2 days. Everything else you can probably obtain in 1 day.
  13. you can probably get 1k in less than a week so i would say rent this game. I think only 3 achievements are obtained online and out of those only one is actually time consuming.
  14. When attempting Freak Breaches MAKE SURE that it is night time when other freaks are roaming. Go to the center of the breach or go close to it, then hold Y until they finally emerge. I hope this helped
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