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  1. I'd suggest clearing your cache, (holding down your power button for 10 seconds to restart the console), before going for these achievements. I knew they were glitchy so I wanted to give my console a clean slate. All of them unlocked for me no problem. Definitely do this solo though or you won't be able to get the audio log on Data Hive. If you co-op'd the audio logs you'll have to pick them up again solo.
  2. Guess I got lucky. I just unlocked the final achievement after completing optional objective #239. So obviously there's some glitch it just happened to go in my favor. Hope someone finds a fix for the people stuck on 240. :/
  3. I had the achievement for completing Gnorman's Gneighborhood glitch on me tonight and I figured out a trick that may help. I had completed 10/10 levels but my achievement progress only said it was 9/10. After completing a level you'll see the leaderboard on the right when you are selecting the level. I noticed I wasn't on the leaderboard for 1 of the missions. I completed it again, unlocking the ace score mini-objective in the process, and the achievement unlocked. I guess by checking the leaderboard you can at least know which individual level glitched on you. Hope this helps.
  4. I'd like a modded gun if anybody is willing to help. I miss my bottomless AK from DI1... HWM ICEBIRD Thanks
  5. There is a new session posted for multiplayer boosting. Tuesday, May 13 at 8:30 PM Central Time. LINK: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/batman-arkham-origins/showSession-1542
  6. Doesn't seem to be a limit on challenges yet... I've unlocked 5 in just one sitting. There's 3 available at a time and when you complete one another challenge pops up. They get progressively harder. Since it's the first time I've seen them I can't tell if there's a different set daily or if they just get progressively harder as you complete them. Unfortunately one of them forced me to go back into single player for a Pro Takedown... hope there's not too many of those, I'm already a Level 50.
  7. I'd appreciate clarification on "big game event(s)" if anyone has it figured out yet.
  8. Renton, I sent you a friend request and a message with possible party times. We've got 3 players from here and I have a couple on my friends list who could step in for the 4th player.
  9. I need Originality and Ménage à trois. Also need Right 4 Life and I'm willing to help others with any achievements they need. My primetime gaming hours are usually midnight central time - almost every night. I may be able to bring 1 other person into the party. If the early AM hours work for you send "HWM ICEBIRD" a message and/or friend request on XBL and we'll set something up.
  10. Because I don't see much point in picking up this game otherwise. Thanks
  11. I think I figured out a quicker method for this - glad to share. Set up a single player game. Set the table to 6 players. Set the buy in to 250 with pot limit. Don't sit out - you'll have to pay antes and you'll burn through your $. The 250 will last a couple dozen hands with you only paying the occasional blind. Fold every hand then you'll get the "press 'X' to fast forward" option. By folding & fast forwarding you'll get about 4 hands per minute. I wasn't even paying attention when I did this. I was surfing the net or working on my laptop. I think I easily hit 1,000 hands in a week doing this while surfing the net - and it was just an hour here & there. Hope this helps!
  12. Yeah, I did end up replaying the final mission last night and that worked. So we have a few solutions for if this happens to someone else. Thanks!
  13. I just completed the campaign on medium, using free aim the whole time, and the New York Minute game mode did not unlock. I was hoping to try this game mode before completeing a playthrough on another difficulty level. Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips would be appreciated.
  14. I've got a party of 3 that's going to go for the Moon easter egg tonight at 10 PM Central time. We'd like 1 more to knock out all of the achievements. If anyone is interested you can message HWM ICEBIRD on Xbox Live. Thanks!
  15. ryans311


    Still no luck... anyone have an idea what else I can try to fix this?
  16. ryans311


    Hey, I'm trying to update my checklist for MW3 and I get a blank white page that says only "#MYU-005". I tried updating other games and they work normal. I also tried disabling the game from my checklists then enabling it again and that didn't fix it. I skimmed the FAQs and didn't find anything. Any tips? Thanks!
  17. I only need the Level 50 achievement to 100% the game. I am usually on around 11 PM Central Time. Anyone else who needs to do this please look me up. I'll message a few of the people who have posted above, otherwise I can be found online around my usual time. It'd be great to have a party of 6 going.
  18. Thanks for suggesting the dagger, made a huge difference for me. This achievement was frustrating.
  19. I'd like to host a private party for multiplayer achievements around midnight Central Time tonight. Post here or message me on XBL. I'll check back on this post in a few hours, hope to catch a few of you.
  20. I need a few of the multiplayer achievements. Would like help picking up a few of these and I'm willing to help others get theirs as well. GT: 'HWM ICEBIRD'. I'll look a few of the recent posters up later this weekend.
  21. I'm missing the Mile High Club achievement on Call of Duty 4 (980/1000). I've made a few attempts at it but I just switched games to play with some friends and never got back to it. I'll try again eventually.
  22. This is my new favorite map in Reach. It is beautiful, and it plays incredibly for vehicle gameplay and objective games. As a fan of the warthog this map is probably Reach's friendliest hog map. Lots to watch out for though, 2 rockets, 1 laser, 1 plasma launcher, 1 grenade launcher, and 2 snipers. An unskilled hog team can get shreaded very quickly on this map. A skilled sniper can rule this map.
  23. I've almost completed the game, didn't want to do anything to jepordize my game save. I have thought of that though, I may give that a try tonight. I was just wondering if anyone else had run into something like this.
  24. A friend & I did this while signing in a guest. These are nothing I haven't done in game before but I'd rather get the achievements out of the way so I can just focus on winning in matchmaking.
  25. I've run into some weird glitchy stuff on Deathspank Thongs of Virture. The load times are horrible, the game music will freeze or skip like a cd. At times the game visuals will freeze then release after a period of time. Not sure if this is a game specific thing or not. It's the only Arcade game I'm having trouble with and the console is only 6 months old. Any tips would be appreciated.
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