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  1. I need someone to help with crash addict....willing to help with other cheevos if I can. Message me on live if interested. Should be on after 10th pm central tonight. Big Jeffrey728 Also my friend CRAZY KOHLER has the game and needs help with some of the remaining cheevos too.
  2. Looking for people that need help with the 40 crash intersections and grudge o war. Big Jeffrey728
  3. I'm off today...planning on knocking out as many cheevos as I can.......message on live if you need most wanted. Big Jeffrey728
  4. I have to push back the session I had planned to tomorrow @ 7pm. If not, I am off work all day thursday. Big Jeffrey728
  5. 7pm central time us is good to go for boosting most wanted...message my tag if interested Big Jeffrey728
  6. I am still planning on the boosting session 7pm tomorrow night. Big Jeffrey728
  7. Barring any issues......looking to get a group together to do some serious boosting Tuesday March 27th after 7pm CST. Message my GT on live if interested (especially for most wanted). Big Jeffrey728
  8. I'm up for finishing the online cheevos.......message me on live. Big Jeffrey728
  9. There isn't an option to select benchmark ring doing this method. Any thoughts?
  10. Would stats earned playing online count? If so, they could be boosted.
  11. I now own the game.....looking to boost. Big Jeffrey728
  12. I'm picking up my copy tomorrow and looking to boost....message me on live if interested. Big Jeffrey728
  13. There is like no one online with this game when I jump on....message me on live if any one has the game Big Jeffrey728
  14. Looking to knock out the MP cheevos.....working on getting a group of 8 total today since I am off work today. Message if interested. Big Jeffrey728
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