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  1. REALLY! I was kinda of scrolling fast on my phone, but I really didn't see it when I looked. That's what happens when your rushing I guess...thanks everybody!
  2. Thanks!! I look on battle.net and I couldn't find it to save my life! !
  3. How do I transfer my 369 character to my xbox one? I have search and searched
  4. I have all my guns and clothes and I'm able to use my combat skills too. I don't want to start over again I done did so many side mission and found a ton of shit already
  5. I'm trying to do a mission called Back Seat Driver and I'm not able to hack anything. I restarted my xbox, I have reloaded autosave but I cant do nothing. I cant hack nothing and yes I do have my phone out but I cant hack red light, bridges, or people.. Had anybody else had this problem?
  6. I was wondering could I pre order it so it will download while I'm at work? I want to start playing it as soon as I get home.
  7. I have the xbox one and a few of my friends don't have it yet but I tried party chat with them on their xbox 360 and they said there not getting any invites. So you can't chat with your friends from the xbox one to the 360?
  8. I hated the graphics on the 360 but when I started playing it on the xbox one....OMG!!! the graphics are insane!!! There are ton's more vehicles on each map and more capture points on conquest. I played a few matches and all I can say if your were disappointed on the 360 version I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed on this one. Must Buy!
  9. I have been playing BF4 since I plugged up my xbox one. The graphics are great and the 64 player is nuts!!!
  10. Who is the best character to play with?
  11. With the news of 32 vs 32 on XB1 and only 12 vs 12 on X360 I will rent it on 360 and buy it for the XB1. 64 player multiplayer is going to be insane!!!
  12. I played the game on normal and collected about 60+ voxophones. Now I'm trying to complete my 1999 playthough and find all the collectibles too. My question is if I found 60+ will I have to find those again or just the one's I missed?
  13. I didn't follow nothing on this game. I wasn't going to buy it until my friends talked me into it yesterday.
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