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  1. I have been playing the My career mode and have completed to PPV events. But I do not seem to be getting the reward SP/VC points your meant to get for winning matches at PPV's....(The first one a won by count out the second one a won by submission). The reward your meant to get (according to others) is 50K in either SP/VC and all I seem to get is the unlock that comes with the PPV? Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it just completely random event?
  2. You can also do these in the Golden cue part of the game as well it does not have to be in the 8 Ball season mode.....
  3. I was playing the China open and some how I skipped it and jumped right into the welsh open.......The strange thing is it says I have qualified for the China open still.....Do the welsh and the China open start up or play at the same time or do you jump to each one or was the skipping a bug?
  4. It seemed to unlock for me after using it ten times during a championship rather than using it ten times in a match.....Which I do not even know how you would do that in a single match as you only get three of them to start with and then get one back per frame.....
  5. To be honest when your playing the game on normal the only thing you lose when you die is a little bit of money......You keep everything else you have on you also items that you have on you do not break (as far as I know).....
  6. In the free play story missions you can swap between people using the LB and RB but that is only the small number of people unlocked/shown at the start of the level when you select to play the level in free mode.... The other way is indeed Y......But during free play missions that is not always needed as the people selected for the free play mission can normally do all the stuff within the level to unlock the mini-kits and the like.....
  7. Yeah it in only in the DLC ep "400 Days" that you can miss some of the achievements....
  8. Is there going to be one made for this game at all?
  9. I hate to point this out but you are so wrong about that mate......The choices in season one had a huge impact on the story......Just look at the end of episode 4 season one.....It shows you a list of the choices people made and then after that it gives you another list of the different people who could have gone with you to help look for clem.....
  10. Yeah with the first eps being free it is not a bad price to pick them up.....Plus you do not have to get them all at once and you can take your time....
  11. Indeed.....I mean it is hard to GWG a game that in a way is not a full game from the get go....I mean just look at the past four Telltale games.....I mean all of them are episode based......the episodes come out a few months at a time..... So you could view it one of two ways either the first Episode is the entry point/main part of the game and the following episodes are DLC.....Or the entire game from Episode 1-5 (most have five episodes) is just that one solid game..... But either way you look at it the only way to get all the episodes at once is to get the game on DVD......or MS or telltale games change how the game is set up after all the episodes are out (by making it a buy episode 1-5 and download them as one whole).
  12. There is not that much backtracking in this game if you look at all the stuff and pick u all that you can. Which again to be honest with you there are not that many items in this game to pick up and interact with...
  13. I never had that problem....but then when a game lets me save I do so often......and I always have a few backups and I never save over a load I start from but I always save over an older save.....Very handy for when your playing open world RPG's.....
  14. It should not take to long but one of the achievements can be a bit of a pain to trigger.....But in this game you can save at any point and the walkthrough should warn you when that point in the game comes up.
  15. It is sort of funny to see it in action........ On the whole this games first ep feels a lot longer than the walking dead first ep.....Not sure if it is because the walking dead move from place to place so fast or the lack of puzzles for the player to solve.....
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