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  1. You don't have to melee or PEC, just simply run right up to an enemy from the front and 99% of the time he'll put you in a choke hold.
  2. GT: xI Dstrukt Ix FFVI will always be my favourite. Best soundtrack of the series to date. Possessed the best cohesive storyline of any FF game in my opinion. Each character (aside from the secret ones) had a well developed backstory that was seamlessly integrated into the main story arc. Incredible variety and scope overall.
  3. Just the fire hydrants, nothing else.
  4. That is the location of one of the Armageddon blade shards. You will need the Mask of Shadows to see the hidden bombs on the wall near the torches.
  5. I believe this is the one you're missing. Taken from CaptainTek's guide: ----------------------------- Wrath Shard Requirement – Abyssal Chain In the area with the three hanging guys guarding the wire, if you look to your right before bothering with them, you’ll see some growth. Jump over here and use your grapple to grab it. Climb up to find a souls chest, and a grapple point. Use the grapple point to bring you to a wrath shard. ---------------------------------------------------- If you already got the soul chest, it'll simply look like a small ledge or nook in the wall. If you jump to the ledge and look up you should see the orange grapple point. I hope this is the one you're looking for as I can't remember exactly what is in that section of the map since finishing the game.
  6. Do you have War's Glory equipped on the weapon you're leveling? It goes pretty quick. I was able to level up both the scythe and the glove to 4 in maybe 30 minutes or so starting at 3 for the scythe and maybe 1/4 of the way to 4 for the glove. I'm not quite sure if the combo counter affects the leveling speed but it might. I would consistently get the max combo with the scythe (x51) and over x25+ with the glove per run. Anyway, the spiders in Iron Canopy are by far the fastest.
  7. Return to Samael's location in the Scalding Gallows. The original portal will still be up.
  8. You don't technically 'lose' the ability to see chests. It's a special scenario only applicable to the starting area to demonstrate the use of the hoardseeker item; a tutorial of sorts. I'm not sure why Vigil decided to showcase it in the first area as there are no hoardseekers in the world map only in the actual dungeons.
  9. There is another Life Shard in Drowned Pass. The one where you have to hit the levitating block with your sword in the water. The block is southeast of Vulgrim; look for two cliff faces with a gap in the middle on your map. Once you levitate the block, swim left a little bit to a ramp that leads straight to the block and over to the other cliff where the chest awaits.
  10. It's actually: The Hollow Lord
  11. As you renovate more of your villa, the ramparts will also be restored allowing access to the chests.
  12. ^This. I've died prolly under 5 times myself throughout the game and can honestly say she is my favourite class after playing them all, solo or otherwise. Her DPS makes her a killing machine if you play to her strengths: speed, elemental damage, and tactical superiority. Phasewalk provides a unique set of tactical options other classes sorely lack; use it to your advantage! Get behind your enemies, hit & run if you have to in order to survive early in your character's life and use cover appropriately. Late-game she literally mows enemies down at such a frightening rate, ammo becomes a moot point. Stick with it and remember to play to her strengths. After all, she doesn't play like a regular FPS character archetype so try to avoid blindly rushing into the middle of conflicts.
  13. This is the only box I ever really did loot runs on between Lv. 15 - 25. I've searched high and low across Pandora since becoming lv. 30+ without much success. My guess it's the only one of its kind. Hope someone can prove me wrong though.
  14. Dstrukt


    Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked Good song. I am actually surprised so many people haven't heard this before the game came out.
  15. Elemental SMGs with high rates of fire (Using two x4 fire/electricity and one x3 corrosive w/ Siren) Revolvers with a scope and DMG x7 + ammo regen (currently using a 125 x 7 and a 301 dmg with ammo regen and fast reload w/ Hunter) Nothing really stands much a chance solo or co-op Runner-up: Fast-firing shottys (Using one with 2.3 fire rate, x3 explosive element w/ Siren)
  16. The door is randomly closed/opened everytime you load up New Haven whether it be from the menu or from a New-U station elsewhere in the game world. It usually has slightly better offerings, occasionally dipping into the lv. 28 and 31 ranges, albeit rarely.
  17. You heard wrong. You cannot apart from starting a new game with a fresh character.
  18. All the classes are good in their own way (highly dependent on how you build you character) but in my opinion the least fun to play is the soldier. Lillith = Absolutely Insane DPS, lots of tactical options with planeswalk abilities Mordecai = Big chunks of damage per shot, Bloodwing is at the edge of being TOO good, pistol damage can eventually outdamage the sniper Brick = Tank, great capacity for damage via melee, nearly indestructable if built properly Soldier = Typical FPS archetype, great support class with ammo and health regen
  19. That is most likely the Chronicle of Arkham underneath the floor. You can get it on when you're on your way out of the gardens.
  20. There are 2 ways. Go to Arkham North and look to the left of the Intensive Treatment facility. Hop over the wall and enter the cave there. Follow it to the end and a cutscene will occur with Batman in front of one of the secret entrances. The other way is through Killer Croc's lair. Proceed into Intensive Treatment and to the area with the two elevators, drop down the right one and enter the door in this area and then again in the next hallway. You are now in Croc's lair. Proceed forward. You should be in a very long tunnel where you need a zipline to cross the various catwalks. Zipline to the very end of this tunnel and you will see a door. Proceed through the door and follow your map to the second secret entrance to the Batcave.
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