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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. The time limit is about 11 days per item. I just picked up Mongo and the Turtle, however I did miss the 14th. Also, I was trying to pick up these items at lvl 1:rolleyes: Once I leveled up a bit, my mail came in. While there is a chance to pick up missed items, getting them right away is the prudent thing to do. Thanks to you and Pants, for the heads up on everything. Im loving this game so far. Pants, maybe the missed item will show up when the 16th's give away is sent. I played some earlier and nothing was there. Came back tonight nothing.. when I played a bit longer, I had both items show up.
  3. Are any of these items misable? I forgot about yesterday.
  4. Here in the US, my local Walmart had this on sale for $14.88. It may have been a mistake, as the copies behind it were the regular version. Nothing on the displayed price mentioned any special version. As soon as I saw the price, I jumped on it quick. Surprisingly, it rung up at the advertised price. Hopefully, you guys in the UK can find similar good deals. Score for me, I guess... or not, as it seems this game is quite bugged:(
  5. It's $4 on sale now. Now, is as good as ever I guess.
  6. I think its just a function of the recent update. Its sort of like a greyscale fade, with a right to left fade. Is that what you're talking about? If that's the case, then you have nothing to worry about. For some odd reason, its by design. This is the case for my "normal" X1. The same should hold true for my X1X Scorpion as well (still in the shipping box.) Maybe the ocd is bugging you Kazz:p *it's the screensaver* You can disable the function in settings. They dont bother me too much.
  7. This game simply defies logic. How can they release a game like this, for the asking price? A $30 price tag is madness and highway robbery. Someone hinted at an impending priced rip* (lol auto-correct ) price drop to $12.99... honestly, that's still too high. This is quite simply, one of the most puzzling price points on the console. Battlefield 1 and GTA 5 get honorable mention. Anyways, just read all the reviews on X1. I'm literally in tears whenever I read them. Those reviews are like the greatest roast ever.
  8. This game in it's current state, is pure sheyat!! It's only a shell of its former self. In addition to the problems mentioned above, you cant even use the game dvr to record gameplay. I had an unbelievably awesome game, to unlock Flying Higher. It took a lot of luck and skill to pull off but, MAN was it one for the ages. I just happened to get thrown into an online game where everyone had 340 points plus. It didnt hurt that I was given a bots spot, that had 380 points.. yeah, I was gifted the top spot jumping into a random match. It wasnt an easy win, because I had to work for it.. the match lasted for more than an hour >__> This leads me to another issue. The new new rules make for some of the longest online games EVER! Some of them are infuriating and scretch the game out to infinity. Gameplay needs to be sped up. 30, 40 and hr plus games are a problem. The original 360 version puts this one to shame. I dont regret my day one purchase at all. However, some of the choices made in the initial product are quite puzzling. Hopefully this game gets patched soon and gets good dlc.
  9. RA, dude, that response was overly harsh and way over the top. The op didn't say anything remotely deserving of a response like that. Your post while helpful, does not represent you well. People our age should set standards.. not devolve them. Did you have a bad day or something? I know you're better than that. Also, the games will pop on screen, letting you know they're ready and send you notification.
  10. That time frame is entirely accurate. I got the 1k in 2hrs 31 mins. Looking back, I KNOW I can break a sub 1hr 1k on this. Using the wall crash reset per race, makes Emperors Glory so simple. Once you understand how to kill, it's not that bad really. Oddly enough, the first race was the hardest, with it being 2 laps. The others are 3 & 4 respectively. That gives you more than enough time to wipe everyone out. Skill is hardly a factor in this. luck on the other hand.. can play a small part, with how randomly the competition kills itself :/
  11. Cool review Fish. I was on the wall about this one, but your review gave me a positive push.
  12. Well damn then. I was all set to pick the game up. Sure it's only one achievement, but you wouldn't accept a partially broken product in any other instance would you? Its a shame because the game has so much nostalgia tied to it. The HoF edition is also $14.99 online. Broken cheevs infuriate me. I wont hesitate for a minute to lump these guys with Maximum games. Yo GOE!... more like heeelll NO!! lol
  13. It seems like you need a monster PC to run this
  14. Easy yes, but 4 controllers isn't something everyone will have. I'll be able to unlock it though. How are the time trial and championship cheevs? Will they be a pain?
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