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  1. Just try to send a voice message, that’s how I test my mic.
  2. Are they not adding any games for August?
  3. Same for me! It randomly unlocked overnight, the Xbox wasn’t even switched on when the achievement is timestamped. Save me another full playthu.
  4. I don’t think Ubisoft are ever gonna fix it, from my brief contact with them, they said it’s a Microsoft issue and to talk to Xbox about it. I tried that too, but got the usual useless ‘answers’ about power cycling the console, deleting the game and re-downloading etc, none of their suggestions worked either. Be thankful yours is only half way thru, my glitched one will require a full play thru again! D’oh!
  5. I had the one from killing Hoyt unlock ok, that final story mission one is knackered for me tho. I’m kinda wary of running thru the campaign again quickly, as the last time this happened on Ubisoft game (Watch Dogs 2), starting the campaign over didn’t fix it. I tried contacting Ubisoft, but they said to talk to Xbox, and I think I’d rather leave it as it is than talk to MS about it.
  6. Ah, good for you fella! It hasn’t unlocked for me tho, and several other people on TA, just wanted to save anyone else the same issue. Hopefully they’ll patch it, but I’m also wary of doing another play thru as I have similar issues with Watch_Dogs 2, and a full second play thru didn’t work there.
  7. Hi! I’ve just completed the story campaign, chose to save the friends at the end, aaannnddd the corresponding achievement (What A Trip - Attend the final ceremony) hasn’t unlocked. Looking at TA, it’s glitched if you choose the save friends ending, but does unlock if you join Citra. I don’t have an older save to go back to, as I was relying on the auto save, so unless Ubisoft patch it, I’m gonna need to play thru the entire campaign again if I want to 100% the game.
  8. I did get one eventually, must’ve seen 3 or 4 before I did tho, they kept spawning too close for sniping, literally right in front of me. Had to blast it with my lmg before it sprinted off. Cheers for the assist fella! Much appreciated.
  9. Ah nice, I just did see one there following what you said, but jeez they’re fast! Sent Boomer after it, but it de-spawned before he got to it.
  10. Having trouble finding these furry little gits, I’ve found the hunting spots for them in game, but haven’t seen a single one, just seems to be mostly deer milling around, with the odd bird (which looks vaguely hare shaped from a distance) Anyone got suggestions for finding these? It’s the last thing I need for the hunting & fishing challenge achievement. Cheers!
  11. This is probably my biggest minor complaint with the game so far, hopefully they fix it with a patch soon. I’ve got the missing GS issue too, I’m sure it’ll fix itself soon.
  12. It’s stuck for me, 1400/1500gs. I have zero luck with Ubisoft games. Edit - oh hang on, there’s a second scorpion location in the Ramesses location. I’d killed this one, not the proper Serqet location. Once I realised that, went back and completed the proper location, the achievement popped. Maybe try that?
  13. Yeah, kinda wish I’d done that for him now! It’s pretty stupid, he can do anything an adult account can, apart from change his profile picture to a custom one.
  14. Ah really? Ok dude, thanks for the reply. Seems kinda daft, he can do everything I can, apart from change his profile picture to a custom one. Ah well, only 3 years for him to wait! lol
  15. Hi! Wondering if anyone can help me with this, my older son hasn't long turned 15, he's had his Xbox account since way back when Minecraft originally came out on the Xbox 360. When I first set him up with his own account, I was sensible and used a child account. Never been a problem up to now, he plays pretty much any game he likes nowadays, even 18 rated stuff (within reason), plays online etc, but he's wanting to have a custom profile picture, and this is not allowed for child accounts, but I can find no way of turning a child account into an adult account. I've tried changing his date of birth, removing from the family on the console (where he is listed as a child account), but neither has worked. Anyone know if this can be fixed? Or is it just an auto thing when he reaches 16/18? (tho don't think it's an age thing, as he's into his 30's according to how I changed his DoB yesterday). TLDR - Is it possible to change a Child Xbox account into an Adult account? Cheers!
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