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  1. Postman let me down recently half losing a game (took 10 days to arrive) then not long after that they sent me out 2 disks in one package that went missing, poor lovefilm, they did nothing wrong but I had to cancel. back to buying, had a stack of ms points so iv been rummaging thru buying l4d addons and i bought pirates today lol I love it.
  2. Mostly males but iv np playing as a girl toon if I think they will look better in armour sadly game developers love stereotypes and often the armour is a silver bikini type thing that just looks silly, not sexy.
  3. Thats a good idea, keep family near, Its an emergency food supply or at the very least a perfect decoy.
  4. One mans junk corner is another mans 15k, I think Id rather hold on to the 15k tho, I got enough junk.
  5. Is anyone serious when they say they wont buy it if its called xbox 720? Its just that the xbox 360 isnt exactly well named
  6. Uk here so no guns I used to be stationed in the army in Edinburgh mabye if I got there (I know where the armoury is but ammo?? I dont think Id do as well as I do in game.
  7. I do love easy achievements but I couldnt do TMNT I felt it was an awfull game thrown together, I think I suffered less than 100 points before I took it out and binned it. Ill add Velvet Assassin to the list of fun&easy, not seen it mentioned yet.
  8. Im laughing at the 500k price tag but .... I wonder what that lot cost if he added it all up??1!
  9. I like Pc games, I play MMOs alot and atm im playing a mostly single player game called Anno 2070, it is heavily DRM'ed, forums full of people denying themselves the game because it installs some uplay software before you can run it. Truth is, its a bit much to play the game off steam and have so much drm in your face as well but either I deal with it or I dont play a game iv already put 40+ hours into. Ill die a bit if Microsoft go this kind of route but... Ill deal with it, im not throwing a hissy fit and refusing to buy the new xbox. DRM in the old days (bioshock PC) has moved on, it now works, I dont steal or copy I let the things do what they do and enjoy gaming.
  10. All I want is 20msp well, I have asked for a windows 8 phone but im not that sure its an upgrade to my iphone 4, so I might change it and ask for a fat ho and a new computer
  11. To be fair, its not an easy op to start out on, I give em 7/10 for effort
  12. MMO's for me, WoW, SWG xbox, nothing I can think of that will call me back into the game after Iv had my initial burst of "new game whats it got" kinda thing. Fallout3 I guess I got a bit caught up in, played it pc and xbox. Bioshock I loved, played it night and day till I got to the end. Most hours Played I think would be GTA, San Andreas mabye or one of the older ones.
  13. 100 games took me ages, I must have did something wrong coz that was mind numbing.
  14. Playing the PC alot these days,Anno 2070 looks very nice and I just pulled over 1k out of Microsoft Flight (free game) looks and plays well. Xbox is dated imho, still play my fav games, I guess I just never realised I was a graphics whore before So Ill pre order.. prob, depends on the goodies, If I can ill throw in my old white xbox as a trade and Ill keep the black one which is quieter.
  15. Once I 1k a game its pretty much dead, quite sad really, my fav xbox game is Dead Rising and iv finished it multiple times but the day I picked up the last achievement, my time on the game started to get less, today Iv not even seen the box for years. Did Dead island a few times, need to revisit that to finish it off some more.
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