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  1. looking to get this I m the law achievement this is the last one I need.
  2. is there any easy way to unlock them without grinding the game in the mobile game so have them I know there was.
  3. I'm really not to sure but I know you can cause I have saved a download some one did and they crated bb8
  4. JunkieGamer


    I know its all free now but what is up with it.it wont stay installed. it just stays in the ready to be installed. how do I get it to stay installed
  5. looking for some one to help me get the 'Barras Bravas' achievement
  6. if any one needs help doing the sky high achievement this was the easiest way to do it.
  7. so I entered the code for fallout 3 but its no were to be found does any one know were it is..
  8. i just got the digital copy on sale for 20.00 and i just found out that you can no longer buy hogan at the store. and it also said if you down loaded it and deleted it. its gone forever. so i was woundering if i get a unused code can i still get it. and if i can does any one have a unused code for the game. if they dont want it of cause.
  9. finally got 8 hours later. and yeah its a whole lot of spamming that rewind. everything has got to be perfect.thx for the help guys.
  10. im still at it 8 hours later. i did what he said and nothing.there got to be another way
  11. agreed. it is easier on the xbox one. plus you have nitros on the xbox one.
  12. so this is the last race. i need help.you have nitros n the 360 game. so how do you beat the plane. i spent 5 hours and yet still not beat the plane.
  13. well then that just sux caue in the xbox one game you can use them any time.
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